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Connecting the Dots

May 17, 2010

Every single one of us has a good work to do in life. This good work not only accomplishes something needed in the world, but completes something in us. When it is finished, a new work emerges that will help make green a desert place as well as scale another mountain inside ourselves.
— Elizabeth O’Connor quoted in Living the Truth

As I cooked dinner last night the girls drew in one of those dot to dot coloring books. I watched the youngest struggle to make the picture appear. She had an idea of what the image was but if you can’t count and don’t want help it slows you down a bit. Cooking is like that I thought stirring the pasta. You need your recipe, until you understand the dish, your ingredients, the utensils, and a place to cook. If you begin without one of these you will either be slowing down to backtrack or you won’t be eating any time soon, if at all.

Mothering or fathering , especially mindful, intentional parenting also has preset requirements to achieve success. You begin with an image, a vision, this is your destination a happy child who feels and is loved, the whole of child mentally, emotionally balanced, spiritually at peace and strong with character and grace. The mirror destination to this is you, that you be happy, loving and mentally and emotionally balanced, spiritual and willing. To fulfill this goal, a strategy will be implemented; being fully present, your choices, and an understanding of your capabilities, aptitude and potential as a mother. Once these are determined an evaluation of techniques, and past performances will help to fine tune the actions you take. There will be times you need an outside opinion and assistance, whether it be from books, classes, friends, Spirit or mentors. Knowing who to ask and what to ask are as important as the answers you’ll get. Finally with all of your planning in place, the creation of a safe, warm and loving work space which lends itself to children and adults, is essential.  That’s how you connect the mommy dots. Pulling in all the ideas you admire and aspire to, and realizing them into your life.

You can be a mindful mother, or an  intentional father  without these steps along the way, and you may do it very well; but your progress will falter, and your mindfulness and intentions cannot be fully incorporated. The basis of mindfulness is awareness and focused attention to the task at hand.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.

~   Henry David Thoreau

So here we are deep in the heart spring.  A time made of beginnings and therefore its equal endings. In our kitchens we have gathered our implements to feed, warm and fill. This is a good time then to gather our self together and close the doors of the past, opening the door of possibilities and endeavors. Advance confidently as Thoreau says toward your vision. The  parent you intend and want to be is waiting for you as soon as you recognize and allow her into fruition.

My fondest wish is that this blog pay attention to home, hearth, parenting, life and self-preservation, connecting one dot at a time.

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