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Crying over Onions

May 20, 2010

The Third Grade and I have had a jolly good time so far; but I fear tomorrow may be my undoing. Really.

So far this year we have made cookies,bread, biscuits  and tortillas. Simmered a pottage with Esau for a birthright, fled Egypt with the Hebrews making the sacred foods for our Passover. Pureed hummus, whipped cream into butter (survey says use the butter churn far more fun ), stewed a warm stone soup, and watched dumplings float for Mother Holle’s cloud soup. The future holds ricotta cheese, vinaigrettes, dried herbs and herbal teas, pizza with a few of the afore mentioned items, and hopefully  garden willing tomato  sauce over  zucchini ribbons.  But tomorrow; tomorrow began on Tuesday.

Tuesday we gleaned the garden for the first time. It was great fun, we had mud, small trowels digging, scissors clipping,  and lots and lots of  “oh my gosh”. In between odd cold misting clouds and then blazing sun the children, I and the Year 3 teacher unearthed potatoes, onions, a garlic head, onions, miniature carrots who if  left longer under their dirt comforter might have grown to a size to feed more than say 2 Gnomes, onions, chives, onions, oregano, onions, lavender, onions, thyme both lemon and regular, onions, chamomile, onions,  kale, onions, collard greens, and oh onions. The thrill of onion was gone although there were many left behind to do whatever it is onions do when they are not picked.

So if you are a cooking teacher with out a “real” stove top, what do you do with a pile of spring onions the size of Vidalia Texas, a few veggies  and 24 third graders? I don’t know either but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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  1. May 20, 2010 10:42 pm

    My mother-in-law made some interesting spring onion recipe when I was pregnant. She said it’s good for me. She simply stired fried it in coconut oil and topped with some fresh coconut. I thought it tasted wonderful. I took her idea and used it as a stuffing for dumpling. It’s delicious. I hope you share with us what you are going to do with those devine plant tomorrow.

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