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One hamper at a time

May 25, 2010

Why do they do that? Why must being a mom or a home maker be a parody. That pesky media. A mothers work is never done. This quote, usually said with a sigh, arm thrown across the forehead fist in the air to the sky, it gives me pause. Because I don’t see being a mother , wife or homemaker as work. Laundry, thats work. And frankly its never done. The work is the thing though  isn’t it? The meat, the nut, the good stuff. Can I find pleasure in the surrender of my choice to be here as a mom , doing laundry. The laundry is a pain, but the work of doing laundry can be what ever I want it to be, drudgery or dance. My friends reading this are laughing because my distaste of laundry is, well legendary. A summer or two ago, my sister showed up one day to help me do laundry she was so tired of my angst. But I have mended my ways. It is possible to mend your way, because it happens every week or so when the laundry procreates and begins to show itself for the Yoda it is; offering up its silent but steady lesson.  Just do it willingly, just really be there,  slow down, fold it nicely, thank you, match the socks, isn’t it lovely when the socks all match, lucky you this next load is all towels, see, something to find appreciation for. Well done. The bell will ring for your next lesson in one cycle.

Funny how on the days I am present doing my “work”, my daughters also are present and willing to do their work, like homework, or chores or getting along. We talk about modeling behaviors, how often we forget it’s the daily life on view.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.    One hamper at a time.

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