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Breakfast of Champions

May 31, 2010

“What did you do yesterday?”,  who me?

The usual a little of this a little of that. Enough for 3 posts, which I’m sure your glad to hear as I have been a little, um, unusually quiet.  So yesterday I did this,  little number I call Blackberry-Apricot Jam.  Not my most prolific canning, it made 2 jars. Woopie.

And this morning I did this.

The implement center left, that is a screwdriver. One knows one has successfully canned when one takes 20 minutes to open the canned goods; gives up and pries the sucker open with aforementioned implement.  Worth it. My superiority over you ends there as I had to use bagels and not my homemade bread. Apparently we are in the final stages of  concocting penicillin. OK, so here I am baring my soul, I always thought Madame Curie and her husband discovered penicillin. Not so much. Radiation yes. Some guy named Flemming discovered penicillin, but at least a woman was involved a few years later to make it viable for widespread disease control.

And that is full circle.  Screwdriver, to screwed. Sorry Mom.

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