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It was a Typical Tuesday

June 2, 2010

What is she doing today? or what she did yesterday as the post didn’t post like it was ‘supPost’ to.

Mostly feeling crapola.

She is running out of tissue for sick family, who, she wishes would quit the sniffing already. She is sick  herself dagnamit.

Hello,* tink* tink*, is this thing on  Mc Fly?

They are so going to school. So very much going to school tomorrow.


She is heading off the littlest  Picasso before the art table is painted and she has to scrub it, AGAIN

and avoiding the painted hands wiggling in her face as she types. *sigh*

She is making homemade chicken stock because her friend makes it , la de dah!

and she knows a gauntlet when its been thrown.

Her friend makes crackers too. Her friend is good.

Already dinner time? What? Why do you ask? OK then,  getting right on it.

Just saw bathroom after children painting in art room.

Ferris Buller was right.

Just noticed the vintage Huck-cloth towel from bathroom after children painting  laying on art room floor. Pollack is proud.

She is sad, and stain treating.

Thinks it may be time for a little nip.

She was right.


So, stock is bones or meat and bones  and H2O in crock pot, onion, garlic, herbaceous items  let it stew over night. Not so loverly looking so she gives you this instead. 

Bucolic dreams.

She is also making Chicken Noodle Soup for family. Expecting great praise and adulation.

Sadly purveying the so-called garden, wonders if she should have posted about it, poor little box that it is. Needs plants.

Little nip.

Laundry. Stir soup.

Lolly gaging around the internet to find fun blogs and photos.

Found fun sites, will clue you in later.

Doing due diligence.  Minding her p’s and q’s.

What with the wall paper to be stripped, walls to be painted and such, she is  contemplating calling it crafts needed to be done to encourage interest. Wonders if it will work on her. Doubts it.

Wonders if directions on allergy/cold medicine are suggestions or absolutes.

Loves the hydrangeas  cut from her mother’s garden. They are  placed all over the house. Thank you mom.

Pretty is good. She is bringing pretty back.

Laundry again. Checking to see if they are putting back in hamper and not putting away.

Not. Just too much laundry.

little nip

Calling friend girl.

Sample soup , season, stir, repeat.

Oh soup is good. Happy campers.

Bathe little people, bed down little people.

No , you stayed home sick.

Where is her husband? Hmmmm

You, put the book down , go to bed. Because I said so.

Now. Like now, now. OK then.

Thank you.

Nite nite.

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