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Stock/Broth Thingy Alert

June 2, 2010

I had dreams of chickens all night. Pecking around in my brain. 

Early a.m., Coach asked me what the science experiment on the counter was. “Uhmm a stock/broth thingy”.  “Can’t you buy that”, he asked.  *sigh* looking over my coffee cup in my pink  sheep jammies “Yes, you can. Can’t you buy breakfast?” I was testy this morning, what with the hen pecking and all.

You should just know that it is good. It is very, very good this stock/broth thingy. And, she pats herself on the back, I have left over chicken for chicken salad at lunch. Ta Da.  It made 12 cups of stock/broth thingy. Do the math, do the math, that’s 3 boxes of the stock/broth thingy I don’t have to buy.  So, let’s go over this, soup last night and the stock/broth thingy for at least 3 more soups and lunch today. I love a bargain. LOVE a bargain.

Thanks Melinda for the idea. Now to try homemade crackers………………..

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