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And we’re off.

June 20, 2010

And we’re off like a herd of turtles.

I’ll keep you posted of all the scintillating details.

Try to pace yourself in the anticipation.

(Typed with smug smile early Friday evening with glass of wine and brother cracking jokes near by)


(Typed with grim chagrin, and puffy eyes)

Ideal–Go to bed at reasonable hour  for early get up.

Reality–– Went to bed at 12:30 doing the stuff I could have done earlier but ran out of time to do and finish stuff for those who “forgot”. Listened to Coach snore because he went to bed early. Hrrrmph

Ideal–Leave on time at 3:30 am.

Reality–left at 4;30

IdealQuick bowl of cereal to tide girls over until we crossed the Grapevine and were in Buttonwillow ( that’s for you Heather)

Reality–How does milk sour overnight, literally overnight, it’s a new carton.

Ideal–Children will fall back asleep in dark quiet car and all will be lovely until that wake and we eat in Buttonwillow.

Reality, epic FAIL–We made it exactly out of the neighborhood and bickering began in the back over space. No sleeping children, worse no sleeping mom. Coach was very supportive of my nap time, wonder why?

Ideal–No stopping until, you guessed it Buttonwillow

Reality– Stopped in LA, we made it to LA  a whopping 35 miles for a potty stop. ( feel the heavy sarcasm and annoyance of 2 hour sleep mom)

Ideal--Sunny skies balmy  mid 70’s. That’s what the weather man said.

Reality--Raining and 61, we are weak thin-skinned OC people. Its cold, getting colder and damp. Stormy skies and grey.  Usually weather  that I relish and get happy about.

Ideal–Do not over pack

Reality–Fail sort of. I packed well, for 70 degree weather and cool nights. The fail is for not being prepared for inclement weather. Its Oregon Tammra, it rains, its June, duh.  Oh and Beauty and Harmony no tennis shoes, only flip-flops. What the hell? Off to box store for cheap shoes and jackets.

But you know what, we made great time.

Explain the mindset of  ‘ making great time’ ?

My childhood was all about making great time on the way to our vacation, as though the vacation didn’t begin until we arrived at THE DESTINATION. I have always thought that I would be a stop at every interesting landmark kind of mom. This has turned out to be not so true. I am a make great time mom. Vacation as a competition against the clock, a race to get to the good stuff, when the good stuff is in the car with me.

So this trip is about reform. That and getting warm, oh and National Championships too.

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