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One Lap to go, One Lap to go

July 2, 2010

“One Lap to go, One Lap to go”

This is not weary  cry from a tired erotic  dancer.

It’s the shout from the  announcer’s booth with cow bells ringing. The little flip number turns to 1 and then its all over except for the crying. We had some crying. Of course we also had cheering, shouting, heart pounding, pacing, jumping and most of it was from me.  As far as spectator moms go, lets just say I am not the quiet retiring type, not obnoxious  I encourage and give stats ; but how shall we say it, I am loud, very loud. Loud enough that I try to find an empty corner with no other spectators to witness my debacle. Pity me now, or pity the kid of mine participating.  While I never played sports in the way Order does, apparently I should be, because man alive, I am in to it. And then its over,  I’m calm now relaxed and just  shocked at how amped up everyone else is. Geeze, they are just kids.

3 races in 3 days. Not much for a pro but it’s physically stressful  for a Junior   mother. Road Race, Crit, Time trial.

Warm up lap, the girl on right won, she lapped the entire field.

A day in the life of a junior racer looks like this.

Months and months of prep. Give up last week of school, and class camping trip for the chance to compete.

Lots and lots of races in the series to qualify. Win 2 Southern California/ Nevada State Championships for Time Trial and Road Race.

Night before

Coach and Order will wash that bike better than they have  ever washed dishes in the sink. It will blind you. It is serious bike time all will be checked.  Post number on bike.

The Dad  in the Coach will leave an inspirational message on bike frame.                                                                                             This one for the Road Race  says….. 18.64 miles, 5 laps, u can do it.                                                                                                                       He knows  she can do it,  he wants her to do it fast.

Much discussion will be had with Order. Alway ended with have fun, be safe leave it all on the course and you have years to win so it’s about riding your best, but winning would be cool too. Much food will be force-fed. Sent to bed at an early hour you will whine and lie awake.


Dragged out of bed by parents who are exited and  nervous about remembering all that must be hauled. Lollygag around until parents bellow at you to get going, then act shocked and dismayed at parents attitude. Decide to shower and shave s-l-o-w-l-y. Feel privacy invaded when mother pokes her head in bathroom and mentions time, act affronted.

Kit up. Run around crazy like because you can’t find your,  fill in the blank, even though you supposedly laid it out the night before, blame mother or father.  Eat breakfast with ear plugs in watching parents rush around but feel no inclination to jump up and help. Act put out when  asked to make your bottles and get your gels. Tape up your knee to hold down the growth plate that hurts but is non-injurious. Begin to get stressed and nervous as you load up bike and get into car.


Chit chat with other juniors and their parents, wander around size it all up. Talk to  your Grandpa for well wishes.

Visit with USWCDP Director and Michael Engleman, ask about the horses, female cyclists and when he’ll be out to stay again. We miss you Michael.

Set up trainer.

Talk with your coach. Your Dad/Coach and Coach talk about you.

Game Face.

Line up with fellow racers.  Lucky you the announcer likes you and calls you up and says some kind words.

Official  gives the rules and info about the course.

Get Ready

Get Set



Ignore mother cheering on corner.

Yell at her for information, toss her a bottle  or ask her to tell dad something. ( my favorite at Nationals , she yells as she goes by on the crit  ” Tell dad to shut up, he is confusing me with what  Felicia (other coach) is telling me.” I did.

Post Race

Finish exhausted and go to roll out. Wait for results, waiting, waiting.

Bonk, because you refuse to eat when asked. Finally eat.

Drop kit on floor. Shower. Begin to eat everything in sight.  


Repeat next two days.

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