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le Tour

July 3, 2010

It’s the Saturday before 4th of July and you know what that means.  Red, white and  blue, parties, hanging out with friends.

Yep,  Tour  day. The first day of  The  Tour de France, all day long! for the next 21 days. WHEEE   Coach and Order will get up in the wee hours and watch that day’s stage of the  race. Then at lunch and again after dinner the highlights will be reviewed. Phone calls, emails, tweets, texts all le Tour. Phil Liggett and Bob Roll’s voices will become so familiar to me it will almost be like Vegas and Phil is kissing me again, I didn’t let Bob kiss me, but he hugs well. Not sure about Paul Sherwen or Al Trautwig.

Anyhooo le Tour, on and on it will drone from the TV, day 5 and it’s annoying, by day 8  I will find myself sitting with them watching , by day 15 I am now part of the discussions, by day 21 I am debating the riders tactics and the winner with friends on Facebook . One year we attended the French  Consulate  end of Tour party as guests. I spent the evening saying, ” Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas Français. Oui, vive le Tour”.

Anyhoo le Tour. I’m sure most everyone knows what the Tour is but in brief its a 21 day bicycle race that covers 2, 263 miles. No,that’s not a typo. Yes , 21 days of racing, an average of 100 + miles each day, through 3 countries, around 195 riders, and loads of excitement. Men in spandex  shorts ,really, really tight spandex, and nice legs, tan, athletic, accents and………

Anyhoo le tour.  This is about the only time my militant stand on TV during the day is lowered, (and not because of the spandex) just to put this in perspective the race averages 4 hours a day, the announcers commentary before and after the race, highlights and all runs around the same. I know, I know, bad example.  But I get them to fold a lot of laundry.

Anyhoo, Vive le Tour

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