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Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2010

All American kids having fun, floating duct tape wallets down the creek. No they do not float well, the water is very cold when you must retrieve the vessel and there is quite a bit of high pierced screeching and laughing.

Now it doesn’t get any more American than this.  Cowgirls and  horses.




During our week in Bend we were fortunate enough to stay on the Ranch of Shoshana and Jim “Buck” .

They had to pry us out of the house so the next visitors could move in. I thought about squatters rights but we like Shoshana and Buck so off we went home, but wish we could still be at the Ranch. If you are ever in Bend please check out their wonderful accommodations in town and the Ranch house. 30 acres, 5 horses, and peaceful beauty. Shameless plug. Suite Escapes Vacation Rentals Phone: 541-389-0222; Cell: 541-788-0223

Happy 4th of July.

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