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Post about Post 4th

July 6, 2010

The 4th was fun, we celebrated  at my sister’s lovely and beautiful home.

But, how do you top the 4th?????

Well, 13 years ago I had a baby. Yesterday I became the mother of a teenager. How did this happen? I have tried very hard to squelch any growing up.This teenage thing is throwing me for a loop. It rather snuck up on me like puberty itself, unexpected, ungainly and honestly not pleasant. But because the personage who was turning 13 seemed to be quite pleased with the idea we decided to acquiesce and let it continue. On the 4th we had cupcakes and singing.

For the Official Hoopla Order was feted by Tutu with a verrry, verry ladies day with  lunch at Neiman Marcus’, Mariposa. Please, please if you are ever near a Neiman’s go  eat a pop over with strawberry butter.

I did. I tried to eat Order’s but she pushed it out of reach and being at Neiman’s even I wasn’t going to lunge for it, and my mother wouldn’t make eye    contact. Order was introduced to chicken  consomme and itty bitty cheese biscuits. It appeared  to be a good meeting.

Here’s a little tip, the popovers and consomme, they are free, so order an iced tea, sit by the window and scarf those yummies.

Then we were off to inflict pain he he ha ha ho ho. You see at Casa Tanner we ( as in Coach and I) believe in delayed gratification for kids. So no make-up, high heels, or ear piercing until a specified age.

13 is the magic lotto winner number for ear piercing.

Ta Da

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl.

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