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July 6, 2010

All day long I’ve wanted a little something.

You know

a little sweet nibble.

I had a cup of tea, looked in the cupboards …………….but I don’t keep sweets, nothing there. sigh.

Went about my day.

Its cold today here, rainy, drizzly, bleak my teenager called it, so more tea and nothing to join it.


I remembered.

Duh, we had a birthday here last night.

Happy dance. A quiet happy dance because people will hear the knife slicing the cake and we are not sharing this moment now are we?


pps. look what the girls found while making a fort

Am I a thorough house cleaner or what? Do not answer that. Yes I ate the jelly beans. No, not stale at all.

*************After the post is posted post PPS___OH MY GOD.**********

As Coach is reading this he says, “Where is your See’s candy we bought on Saturday?”. Holy crap I forgot that too. Where did I put that box……………

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