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Karma Sucks

July 14, 2010

Surely I cannot be the only one.  Suddenly someone is coming over and the house….oh the house. So you hide laundry baskets in closets, close doors, swipe at counters and hope.  I’m not talking about if its clean, though that might also not be true; I’m talking not tidy.

Rushed out the door and I’ll get it later untidy.   Can’t clear it up now I’m mid-project untidy.   “I’ll clean it when I get home Mom” not tidy. The kind of mess that really isn’t messy just currently  lived in, until someone is coming and then it’s, well, it’s a mess, clearly a mess.

So this happened , and after my guest left, I was left feeling like I had purported a false image of my home. Which apparently I did, because it looks rather smashing now and it didn’t before, because as you now know, it was messy. I usually don’t need to and simply won’t create a fantasy version for guests, they’re here after all for visiting not viewing. Today though, the guest needed to walk in all rooms of the house.


Like closets and laundry room. Yikes. The girls’  rooms.

April over at Coal Creek Farm wrote about it a while ago

Boy I laughed at with her. Karma Sucks.

Whats a homemaker to do. I’ll tell you what she’s going to do. Re simplify.  Again. If I felt the need was great enough to rush around reallocate piles and hide messes then it means that I have clutter and my systems are not working. Get ready Goodwill, it’s on the way.

Shame, shame, shame is my name.  Last year after reading a book that truly made an impact on my life , I gave a talk at my parent workshop that turned into a book study that turned into a consulting gig to help come in and do life-simplification or as I call it, Just Enough-ing. I have had just enough myself and need to clear the decks and organize the ship. As part of my self-flagellation and remediation, I can’t believe I am doing this, I will record the progress. I didn’t say all, I said most, a girls got to keep some mystery. OK, I’ve  got to go scheme a plan of attack.

On the perverse happy note, the house looks clean, tidy and well, just  like I ( and my guest)  *imagine * it does.

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