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Summer Reading

July 16, 2010

LMNOP Alphabet,, Live Ed.

“R is in river

Beginning to end,

As it roars through the rapids

And runs ’round the bend.

R is a rough and ragged rascal

Racing and rollicking “round the block.

R is ready to str-r-retch like rubber,

Or remain rigid as a rock.”

R is also for reading.

Honestly, I am always reading. I have this strange sense of unease and un-tethering when I am out of reading material. Thus I make sure to always have something engaging.  While my preference is usually for non-fiction  lately I’m rotting my cerebral cortex with fiction, just kidding, gently softening, a few fruit flies is all. My childhood was one of full book immersion, I hid a flashlight under my mattress to read with after lights out, I read in closets, trees, gazebos swings, in the car, while feeding my baby brother.  If I was there, there was a book.  My memory is filled with the smell of books, and the libraries where they were held.

After the farmers’ market the other day, the girls and I went to the library. They signed up for the Library reading program, which though it seems like a great idea actually turns reading  into a competition for rewards.  Studies show when you position an activity as rewards based, not personal accomplishment based, the interest will wane and quality of performance will decline.  So while I am not keen on how many bubbles they can fill in before the end of summer for a gizmo  or toy they know I will toss out, it does make it easier to get them to have quiet reading time each day.  We’ll choose books that are engrossing and in which the reward is discovering what happens next.  Hopefully it will create  a love of reading for reading sake and a rhythm for later after the bubble prize chart is long gone.

Sneaky no?

I digress.  Books and reading. So I am creating a page for what I am reading now, and what the girls are reading.

I’ll start today with a random  grouping of what’s drifting around my bedroom.

My nightstand. Sylvia’s Farm, The Happiness Project, Possession and a few vintage books about homemaking.

Computer desk.

From the magazine basket.

In anticipation for the new movie Ramona we checked out many in the series for read alone and read aloud. We  are also enjoying  the  Nurse Matilda books,  known in the movies as Nanny McPhee,  it will also be coming to theaters  soon.  Order has her  cycling books that she is whizzing through.

Alicia Paulson from Posie gets Cozy is compiling a book list and I can’t wait, she says its 20 pages long. If you are looking for some books to share with your children this summer I recommend the following resources. Obviously there are others, these are what I have here on my shelf at home.

Charlotte Mason Companion

Honey for a Child’s Heart

The Waldorf Student Reading List

Books for the Journey (teens)

I hope to have the new Book page up this weekend.

Do you have any great sites for book lists? And what you reading, I’m always on the search for a good book?


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