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Day at the Beach

July 17, 2010

It was a glorious summer day,  what better way to enjoy it than to go to the beach. So my sister, her girls and I and mine loaded up and off we went.

My sister knows  me in a way no other person does.  Besides sharing our childhood and the ability to read the nuances of each other’s rolled eyes,  we get each other’s wacky  humor, and have reached a point in our lives where frank isn’t a guy’s name.  Let me introduce you,  Blog-land this is Sis, Sis this is Blog-land.  Isn’t she lovely.

She led us to an amazing beach, hidden so well that very few people were there.  After parking we walked, and walked a winding road, past bluffs and sage, to vistas and yellow broom. It smelled like summer, salt air, chaparral, heat off the pavement and sunblock. Over the meadow, through the tunnel , down the railroad tie stairs to the shore.

Walking to find the perfect spot we found that someone before  us had build a huge fairy house fort. And so we set up camp for the day.  The children scavenged for beach glass and waded in the water, while we sat and dug our toes in the sand. Picnics  are best on the beach especially if followed by a stroll down the sandy shore. A plank had washed up on the beach and the Bigs dragged it back to the fort.  Order boogie-boarded most of the day and the Littles  played in the water.

All day the girls had watched the cave at the end of the crescent beach, waiting for the tide to recede. Just as we were leaving it had gone down enough to venture a look-see.  It was rocky going. The next time we decided to time our visit with the tides so we could really explore.

What  splendid hours spent, feet on the earth, sun on our faces, wind in our hair and sparkling water.

There Are Big Waves

by Eleanor Farjeon

There are big waves and little waves,

Green waves and blue,

Waves you can jump over,

Waves that you dive through,

Waves that rise up,

Like a great water wall,

Waves that swell softly,

And don’t break at all,

Waves that can whisper,

Waves that can roar

And tiny waves that run at you

Running on the shore

I heart you,


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