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Hang in there

July 19, 2010

Hang in there.

Remember when my computer was violated? And I cried the blues? Well a wonderful fairy came and bequeathed me a gift. One of Coach’s parents heard my anguished cries and now  I have a spanky new to me 1-year-old computer.

This is the hang in there part, my neutral support  is busy working on cadence,  gearing and replacing tires. They say, I “should be” up and running the track  tonight. Woo hoo. This is a good thing, because my poor sweet old computer has some issues. Like say typing the same letter for 18 lines, or forgetting how to use a cursor, or replacing letters with other letters it thinks are more interesting,  or deciding to put spaces where ever it darn well feels like. Putting a post together is a time-consuming event. ( I’ve had to-rewrite this one 3 times so far) Anyhoo, hang in there. It’s gonna be all MACbetter.


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