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One Thing a Day

July 20, 2010

I promised you that I would bare my dirty laundry pile and messy closets. And so I shall. But instead of  a one time Organizing Extravaganza I’m going to take you on a little journey.  It’s not the big things in life that get you; it’s the little lurking ones. I can handle the toilet overflowing, a flat tire, or a sick child. What really drives me over the edge are the subtle ambushes, finding the toy basket all over the hallway…again, dog drool across the floor I just mopped, the stain that wasn’t there when it went into the dryer, running out of supplies, a messy desk, a six-year-old on her 20th clothing change of the day at 7:30 am.  I could go on but you get the idea. Because my goal is to live as a mindful mommy and with  intention, not just to cope and survive, I began to take note of what was sending me to the funny farm. Here is what I came up with, I don’t do well with clutter, or messes for longer than a day, running out of anything and not having it replaced makes me nuts and feeling rushed or pressured can send my demeanor south.  People putting things away in the wrong place make me grumpy, because I then have to re-do it. Mentally knowing I have something to do and it hanging over me caused great pressure, I could use to lose 15 pounds, meditate, play with my girls and laugh more.  I start so many wonderful projects and then they loiter around, languishing in neglect.  More importantly I learned that my attitude, where I was mentally, mattered. Any of these situations could be present but if I was joyful and mindful, if I had decided that day to enjoy parenting then the annoyance was easily dismissed. Needless to say if I was joyful and mindful most annoyances didn’t exist in the first place.

So now that I had excavated the “reasons” so to speak, what was I to do with the information? Well on the mindful mommy path making conscious decisions and realizing that all our decisions have an impact is the first step to quality parenting and living intentionally.

I want to try a little experiment. One of my sister’s pithy sayings is Do One Thing A Day , if you just do one thing by the end of the year that’s 365 things. Dear readers I am going to take you on a journey of One Thing A Day. Here is the lay of the land. I am committed to trying to do one thing a day that supports my ideal of living in Beauty, Harmony. Some will be grand gestures and others will be small but potent, some will be a one time action others may be integrated into daily life. Hopefully the year will circle around and I will have completed, achieved, learned, created, or improved upon 365 things, but more than that I will have changed how I feel, act and meet life daily,with mindfulness, beauty, harmony and order.

At the end of each day’s post I will have a One Thing a Day sub-post. Each of the daily accomplishments will fall under the individual  genres  of Beauty, Harmony or Order.   If  I miss a day(s) of posting, I will list the day missed on the next post. Yes, I ‘m concerned  about running out of things to “do”, and Coach thinks  I should commit to only 90 days. But, “In for a penny in for a pound”, I’d rather go out with a huge splash into the pool of  tried and failed than dip my toe into the swamp of  not really trying. Lord help me.


One Thing A Day

Day One:  Beauty

This is my kitchen “buffet” for lack of  a better word.  Yes its from Christmas, and no it’s not a good one. It was my birthday gift last October. I have a small addiction to Flea Markets and Garage Sales, and please do not get me started on Craig’s  List’s  free tab. My buffet is one of my ‘finds’. Someone had painted it  white, and we re-painted it black, in a hurry with small hands helping. The paint went on oddly. Ever since it has chipped and peeled, across the top. Oh, and I never put the knobs on, because you know, I was going to re-paint it.  Each time I see the buffet, and I see it every time I walk into or out of the kitchen multiple times a day, these thoughts cross my mind.  Boy that needs to be repainted, it looks awful all chipped like that, trashy, you did a rotten job on that why did you hurry? This is a pain to open.  Do something. Each time I think that, I try to think  of something else. So far so good for 8 months, EIGHT MONTHS.

Today however, I saw it, and decided just do it.  Self said I , this is it, this is the crux of your frustration. It weighs on your mind, it looks awful,  you put it off and cycle back around. So Coach helped me to carry it out back. Funny thing about the sanding,  the paint is not only peeling up, it is lifting in sheets.  I call the paint store, they’ve had a recall on this paint. Oh, so its less my lousy painting and more the paint? Sand, re-prime, paint one coat , waiting. I will give you a finished  look tomorrow when dry and we can move it. And you know what, already  I feel better. Relieved almost. Interesting how this one small lack of action felt so heavy and once started while time-consuming  will consume less time than the angst of seeing it everyday did. Delayed gratification is good, delayed action not so much. The other thought I had was that quality time spent now saves time later. I will remember this as I go forward. These are not radical ideas lets face it, but often I find that what we know to be true, right  and good for us isn’t always the choice we make in day-to-day action. Part procrastination , part avoidance it’s not a behavior trait but a perpetual occurrence. Which  reminds me I have another coat to paint. Te

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  1. Tutu permalink
    July 20, 2010 6:25 pm

    Your capability to discover what sends you to the funny farm at such a young age is admirable. Most never wake up to connect the dots. Half the scrimmage is being aware there are choices, finding them and changing your thoughts.

    That said, I would love and invite you to come over here and do “One Thing A Day” should you run out of things at your house. I surely have enough for two people to do “One Thing A Day” for 365 days. So, if Coach isn’t busy bring him too.

    I will put the tea pot on, could you bring some of your delicious Snickerdoodle cookies for me to munch on while I watch you?


    • Te permalink*
      July 20, 2010 6:31 pm

      Hi Mom,
      Oh good, you found the site. Thanks for the note. I think I will find enough to work on here. But if Dad wants to re-grout my bath tile there are a few beers available….afterwards, or really should you feel like babysitting?
      Love you too,

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