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July 24, 2010

A few of the blogs that  I read often feature the Simple Woman’s Daybook. It is such a lovely idea and a peaceful way to begin the weekend.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY, this morning:

Outside my window… A spider has made a cobweb across the trellis, it looks like silver strands wafting in the breeze. Sunshine.
I am thinking… of how peaceful it feels this morning, and why that feels elusive.

I am thankful for…little moments, clean sheets, my new computer oh how lovely it is, summer.
From the kitchen…new cookbooks from the library with marked pages.
I am wearing… favorite sweats and at tee-shirt, no shoes as usual.
I am creating…prospectus for my Head Heart and Hands class and an e-book to go with it.
I am going…hopefully nowhere today.
I am reading…Radical Forgiveness ( midway through)
I am hoping…I can figure out a way to get my  photos downloaded to the new computer, this is slowing me down.
I am hearing…the hum of the fridge, mockingbirds chattering in the sycamores, the girls and Coach coming home from getting DONUTS, for them not me. (well, maybe one bite)

Around the house…dogs, lots of dogs. Lots of vacuuming.
One of my favorite things…when the girls get up and come downstairs they each want to sit on my lap and be held for a moment.
A few plans for the rest of the week: more canning, baking bread, friends for dinner, helping with the 4th grade classroom set up , pool time and maybe the beach.

more about The Simple Woman’s Daybook

One Thing a Day

Day Four–Order ( yesterday)

Clearing up little messes. I made phone calls that I had been putting off for various reasons. Thankfully one turned out well. Organizing chores and setting a pattern in place. Time with Beauty alone, sitting beside  Harmony  so she would let herself nap. Yesterday is symbolic in small part of why I am undertaking One Thing a Day. Purposely turning my attention to the little tiny seemingly inconsequential things that are moved over so that the big things may be done, slowing down for needed moments. Aaahhhh

Day Five–Order

Photographing the items for E-tsy and E-bay. I’ve been accumulating items with the intent to re-do or re-invent and then sell them. I keep thinking that I should wait until I have “enough”  to make it worthwhile. Phooey. This seems to be a theme for me, all or nothing, I rarely let myself measure up. This blog is another one of those not enoughs. Concerned it’s not,  fill in the blank _______enough I wait, hovering between letting my little light shine and hiding it under a bushel. I think perhaps most women do this to themselves.  Today, I am creating order and forward motion by accepting that this is enough.


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