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Doggone It !

July 25, 2010


We are dog sitting right now, though you can’t rightly call it sitting.

Cuddling, calling, chasing, playing, scooping ( there is a lot of scooping) , feeding, walking, tossing balls for and generally watching under your  feet would be closer.

The animals currently out number the humans.

Last count, 4, yes 4 dogs, 1 hermit crab, 1 beta fish. ( have I mentioned we have no yard and a small house?)

I hope we are the top of the food chain, because we currently are at the bottom of the hairball one.

Both my brother and sister are away on trips and being the animal friendly house that we are, its Doggy Summer Camp here. Woo hoo Milk Bones for everyone.

Pack order is smaller to larger; the little dog? he owns them!                                                                        Their antics are like a bad animal planet episode.

Doggone Wild.

Ok, to be honest Molly does not love any of them, she is rather annoyed at sharing Coach with anyone canine or human. Her disdain with the additional two is pitiful.

The Camp Counselors


If I play dead will they leave me alone?




( why yes ,I did name the fish and crab)

The Campers


SCOUT aka Da' Boss


One Thing A Day

Day Six– Order and Beauty:  The Dreaded hall closet. Dear Readers today I will risk life and limb, delving deep into the pit of despair ( remember Princess Bride). Somewhere in that deep dark cavern  are my vacuüm parts, paper, streamers and party goods, napkin rings, table cloths, mop and other things I have forgotten that I have. Once long ago I was free to hang guest’s coats, alas no more. Wish me well, if you do not hear from me tomorrow, call the rescue dogs and send water.

Weekly re-cap

Oh happy day dresser. The paint is wonderful but gosh having knobs on there is even better. lol

The nightly ritual has been a positive change. I wake up much more at ease and less stressed.

Sitting to post is still proving difficult to fit in, up early or up late. Anyone want to share how they are able to do it?

I was able to cross off about 5 things from my never-ending I should do list. Yippie.

Still finishing the Etsy pictures/Ebay pictures and selling info. The posting with descriptions take the longest.

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  1. Heather permalink
    July 26, 2010 2:13 pm

    Arrfff! Arrff! That’s a big thank you from SaraLee’s family.

  2. Te permalink*
    July 26, 2010 7:17 pm

    Pant, pant, pant, we lurrve SarahLee.

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