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My Mother’s Garden

July 29, 2010

Wednesday I spent the day at my mothers. Order went paddle boarding in the bay with my brother and his fiancée, so we girls hung out at Mom’s and swam. Correction, they swam I paged through shelter mags feeling more and more depressed about the state of affairs on the ol’ homestead here, all 5 square feet of it. So I walked Mom’s garden.

Technically its Mom and Dad’s but labor gets very little billing on the marquee.

My mother’s garden has many rooms, and moods.  Fairies, hummingbirds and children share  the little areas and whimsical touches Tutu has created solely for them.

Please note the now naked tree, upper right. Sweet thing gave me around a bushel, read 48 pounds, of peaches. Which canned into around 27 jars of jam, 4 jars of chutney, 9 smoothies and a frozen gallon ziplock because I couldn’t can no mo’ cans.(natural pectin/low sugar produces less jam than the other types, because you are using less sugar)

The yard wraps around the house so there is always somewhere to escape with a book and glass of tea.                                                                         ( or wine, let’s be real)

Picture Te, chair on the right, near the deep end, the chair not me. Children swimming, Barbie sunbathing. Hey, no skinny dipping, we need a sign.

Moments  I wish were in my yard.

One Thing a Day

Day Nine–Beauty: I purposely spent time looking for the beauty that surrounds me. Often we  rush to get there, where ever there may be, dinner on the table, groceries at the store, children to appointments and forget the point isn’t where we are going but where we are. Breathe in, breathe out. Be here now, now is all there is. It is suggested that your point of power is now. Oh there it went, and here it is. So  I decided to stop and breathe, to look around me and notice how lovely  it all was. The peacefulness of the day, the blessing of my parents home and their love of sharing it with their children and granddaughters and most of all the beauty they have created.

Day Ten– Harmony: All three girls, all three! were interested in a  project. All three, at once, as in the same project at the same time. What are the odds? You bet I jumped all over it, forgoing my personal agenda. As often as I am able, or the  stars align and heavens ordain I will jump through hoops to help foster strong sisterly ties. ( I ‘ll share their project as it comes to life)


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