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Free for you and me…

August 1, 2010

Um, I have a confession. Shhh, if there is a Betty Ford for Crag’s List, someone should put me in the white van and lace up the straight jacket. Yoo hoo, Betty! Betty, wait up Betty I’m coming.

Now a simple addiction like this, is harmless right? I only patrol  the free list, OK and the Goodwill. But it tends to lead to the dreaded  Pained Look From Husband Dis-Ease. I think it may be genetic, ask my dad.

Like say yesterday, when I found the 6 foot dresser, 5 drawer highboy and two nightstands. Free, except for the convincing and wheedling of Coach,  and of course the inevitable begging of  my cousin for muscles. Coach has  a timeline for me  to “get it out of the garage and use it”. Of course he didn’t actually mention  it to me, he cohorted with the kids.

What amazes me is the stuff people put on there. Just throw it away people, really, throw it away. No one wants the totally shredded 1960’s papsan chair you’ve listed with pictures of your cat on the arm, the broken window glass, or my favorite the “stained queen mattress  and divorce books “in the same listing. Yep that’s a keeper, good karma there.

After the haul of furniture there was this back at the ranch.

Mockingbird catastrophe averted. The 3  birdies have fallen out 3 times. Threes a crowd  for the nest.

Yes mom they washed their hands, with soap. Twice.

Our neighbor is an instructor at the local college and an ornithologist. Acting as the moving truck, he relocated the mockingbird family to posher quarters. Momma and Papa dive bombed Mike quite a few times. Duck Mike.

All’s well in avian ecology.  New digs baby, in a specially made bird house.

Well we’re movin’ on up,
To the east side. (or west side no matter)
To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Movin’ on up,
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie.

One Thing a Day

Day Elven –Order–Wrote out a concrete chore list. Explained it, posted it, enforced it. So far, so good.

Day Twelve –Order–Cleaned out under the bed. I  know, sounds silly but the dang thing is a huge upholstered monster. It took some time is all I’m say’n.

Day Thirteen –Harmony–Coach and I sat and formulated a consequence plan. While we give consequences to the girls verses say punishments at their ages we need to really formulate what the natural consequence for inappropriate actions or disrespect ( much more common with a teen and a pre-teen) were. Random and off the top of your head consequences care usually  inconsistent, often infective and sometimes reactionary. We want to be calm (well as possible), cool and in self-control, to better model for the girls desired behavior. We were able to come up with a few that seemed logical and appropriate but golly we need that one doozy whopper show stopper. Any ideas? Yes whip and bull horn were on the list.

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  1. August 2, 2010 9:52 pm

    There is always the ranch house wall…………hands up above the head, nose inches from the paint but no touchy, arms in surrender pose.can’t last but a few minutes, The kids totally laugh now at that one, it became a contest! Who could last longest on the wall……… ” ~

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