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Buddy System

August 8, 2010

If you are going to celebrate a birthday you must first invite  a buddy.

Just like in Girl Scouts you need someone to be with you, especially if you both turned 10 that week.

Yes, we’ve  discussed the numerical placement of tens and ones, from her perspective it’s right, not so much  ours.

As a pre-teen you should practice the art of water waiting.

When you get tired you should sit.

If your buddy’s little brother throws water

and seaweed on you and your buddy,


But remember, next time take your buddy with you.

After a while you may wish to hang out with your dad.

Sad buddyless child, dug a hole to China. Found a buddy there.

Grab your buddy and run to the park.

Be sure to know which side of the rope you want to be on

and who you want to be tied up with.

Happy Birthday to our Buddy the Birthday Girl .

One Thing a Day

Day Twenty–Harmony–Be present. When the girls were babies I made a point of stopping each day and noticing something from that day about each child. Knowing that I would never remember each day and memory, my goal was to be able say I had paused enough to be present for a moment each day, no mater how hectic or mundane. Just like the bride who can’t remember her wedding, parenting often finds you with slight memory flashes and photos. But I want more than that. I want to know I was here, that I have paused and recognized the wonder in each ordinary day not just the monumental ones. Being present will help to center me in days like this morning where the girls are being girls and I am being grumpy.

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  1. August 11, 2010 8:14 pm

    So fun! My daughter and her BFF have b-days 2 days apart, so every year is a REALLY fun celebration of their friendship. This year we celebrated 13 wonderful years of buddies. And true to form, they were in Girl Scouts together….

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