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August Summer Nights

August 13, 2010

Two Summer nights in one.We really know how to pack it in. Do nothing for weeks and shove it into one night. Right-o.

Annie Savoy [narrating] Walt Whitman once said, “I see great things in baseball. It’s our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.” You could look it up. ( Bull Durham)

We packed the kids, baseball gloves, extra clothes, towels, and the kitchen sink and set off on an adventure. While the Angels are the home team we are lucky enough to have two minor league teams nearby. By nearby I mean an hour, or so.

My Sister-in-law (SIL)who coincidentally has the same name, go figure, and her family packed up her kitchen sink and met us in Lake Elsinore to see the Storm play the Ranch Cucamonga Quakes.

Minor league ball is the perfect venue for kids. Small stadiums, small enough that you can cheer on the batter and he can hear you, small enough that you can let down your panic radar and allow the kids to roam together as a pack to the other side of the stadium, because you can see them the whole time.

The freedom they must have felt that night, and how “cool” it must have been to walk without the parents.** Small enough that you can hear Blue make the calls, small enough that the Event Director Janice  who you spoke to while filling out raffle tickets  comes over , leans on an empty seat and chats with you, and by the end of the game knows your names. It was like Cheers but you know outside and no Norm.

Order was in a contest for fastest churro eating. She beat a grown man at shoving a churro in her mouth as fast as she could. I’m not sure if this is a good thing for her or a bad thing for him. However, he could dance and she had no moves, perhaps he felt vindicated. (the picture is across the stadium sorry for the quality)

Right there, that little tiny white dot in the middle that is my eldest nephew. ( If I could figure out how to use the graphics I could put an arrow on the spot) He is terribly disappointed and disgusted because his brother caught the shirt fired from the cannon and the foul balls only flew near his seat when he wasn’t in it. What is an All Star supposed to do about that I ask you.The dots on the bottom left are the other children.

68 hot dogs later we went Grunion hunting. For those of you who sadly do not live near a beach do not be alarmed. This is not to be confused with Snark hunting from your freshman year. It does however involve fish.

Well some nights it does. Grunion are sardine sized fish found only on the So Cal and Baja coasts. They spawn from May till September.  Wiki says this “Grunion are known for their very unusual mating ritual. At very high tides the females come up on sandy beaches and dig their tails into the sand to lay their eggs. A male then (EDITED  um  he helps her). For the next ten days the grunion eggs remain hidden in the sand, but at the next set of high tides the eggs hatch and the young grunion are washed out to sea.”

Except when we are there. By that time the ladies have had enough and want the males to go back to watching underwater football. So we saw all of 7 Grunion. Plus the 4 in the fisherman’s cooler. Such is life. But we had glow stick necklaces and what child doesn’t want to run amok on the beach in the dark at midnight?

** For those of you cringing about letting the kids free–The stadium was fairly empty, and we could see the children walk from our seats around the concourse. They walked in pairs or all together. We could see everything they were doing in their seats from where we were, including the attitudes. In the picture of my nephew you can see my brother-in-law up in the top seats where he sat for a large portion of the game. Plus they had phones.


One Thing a Day

Day Twenty One – Order/Beauty--I love aprons, my collection if you can call it that ranges from the ones my grandmother made and wore on the farm, Anthropolgie little numbers,the vintage ones I collect from flea markets to the children’s aprons usually vintage and handmade. My kitchen has an apron drawer. Said drawer has trouble keeping itself tidy. I do not know why. perhaps the children’s aprons are unruly. I removed all aprons, ironed them, folded them, placed them in drawer or hung them up on hooks. Not much I know to you, but to me, oh boy, it will be nice to pull out a crisp apron each day ( yes, I wear an apron almost every day, wanna make something of it?) with out untangling ties and wearing crumpled ruffles. It’s these small things each day that are going to make my life loverly. Maybe.

Day Twenty two-Thirty-three -Order Order Order–This will begin the next few weeks of Purge!!!!. At around this time of year I get itchy to toss out. I already began with the closets and clothing, but now I will begin to move around the house. Today specifically, the girl’s bathroom. I dread the ribbons, dread. What do you do with a ton of ribbons, 3 American girl Dolls who have their hair done daily and 2 young girls. Yikes. This room need a makeover badly. Hmmmm.

Anyway I will be moving room to room area to area. I’ll give you updates as I go along through the house., and should anything exciting happen you’ll be the first to know!

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  1. August 14, 2010 1:08 am

    I LOVE YOU FOR QUOTING ANNIE SAVOY!!!! Oh, and I just read a hilarious Walt Whitman reference on another, oh, let’s day “blog” I read and…oh, I guess I can’t share it here. lol. Later. Also, your self edit on the grunion [EDIT: “mating”] had me cracking up. Re: kids roaming at the minor league game: if you can follow them with your ghetto point and shoot camera, Te, they’re probably fine! Glad you let them have some time wandering. “Order” and the churros cracked me up.

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