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Saturday’s Simple Woman Daybook

August 14, 2010

oops, This was supposed to go out this am but life inserted itself.

FOR TODAY ……The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window… It’s a bright, bright sunshiny day. But I notice the Sycamore trees have begun to show a few brown leaves.

I am thinking…That school is 25 days away. 25 days to get us back on schedule, think up lunch ideas, get the house organized, mentally prepare.

I am thankful for…This guy he still makes my heart skip.

And that School is 25 days away. 25 more sleep in days, lazy ’round the house days, no packing lunch, loosey-goosey schedule, swimming pool cannon ball days.

From the kitchen…I want to make English Muffin bread today but don’t know if I’ll have time. I made ice cream instead.

I am wearing… P.J.s. Shhhh I know its late in the morning. A black skirt, yellow and white floral shirt and amber necklace, no shoes.

I am creating.…self sufficiency, my 6 year old made french toast…and it was goooood.

I am going…to take Harmony to her first drop off party, so I might go wander Goodwill.

I am reading… Mostly cooking books it seems. Real Food has Curves, The Elements of Life, No Need to Knead, Marinades, Devotion(for the second time), Making Toast.

I am hoping…my brother find his wallet. Crossing body parts for you R.  Toes, fingers and eyes. Sorry R. no wallet.

I am hearing… the Autoharp. It magically came to live in my home and is played daily since its discovery by the “strummers”. I wonder if I can hide it for a few days, either that or sit and teach them some pieces. The ice-cream machine whirl around.

Around the house… Click , clack, scrape, pant ,pant, pant, skid into chair, click, clack, click ,clack. Dogs.

One of my favorite things... I found this at the Goodwill by mistake. Really Coach, it was an accident, I was dropping off and wandered in to see if they had any canning jars and canisters, I’m always looking for the smaller decorative glass jars and the ones with the wire closures from Italy.  And well look Who wanted to visit my house, for $2.99 (the bowl not the needles). Isn’t she sweet. Yes, Sis  I know I’m getting rid of crap. She is not crap. Oh the possibilities.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I want to try to make homemade pasta, more purging, job search continues, book study with my friend girls, swimming at S’s pool, open to opportunity. Finding my desk under the clutter.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook can be found here……


One Thing a Day

Day Twenty Three- Order–The linen cupboards, sheets and towels.

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