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Kumquat Syrup

August 17, 2010

Orange you glad you stopped by?

Sarah and I tackled the Kumquats. My little trees are naked,  the jars are full and I and Sarah are well on our way towards Christmas gifts. Thank you very much! Jingle bells jingle bells. It’s coming folks, my children say the count down is 129 days 10 hours and 16 min.

I don’t know if I’ve ever properly introduced you to Sarah, although I speak of her, and she is usually in the background somewhere. We met in kindergarten; our children’s Waldorf kindy two years ago. Now we are shuffling off to 1st grade together. Harmony and Sarah’s eldest are ‘some days best friends’. By which I mean some days they are, and some days they are not, sometimes all in the same day. She too has three girls but her youngest is still in diapers. Mine is not, thank you very much. In full disclosure when we can, its with 6 children in and out of the kitchen. We have found benevolent, benign neglect is working well, that and beer. For us silly.

I digress. Kumquat Honey Ginger  Syrup.

I had expected it to be a thick syrup, say a long the lines of cold maple syrup, but it is actually more the  consistency of the syrup in canned peaches.  Taste wise Sarah said it tastes like Kumquats should. Piquant is how I would describe it. The honey  seems to mellow slightly on your tongue , then hit you with a sharp sour citrus. The syrup would be lovely against a succulent  meat  come winter  or  dribbled along side a cheese plate, and would snuggle up well with sweet rich desserts that need a kick. I wonder if it would be nice to stir a tablespoon in tea or ohhhh how about a  Kumquat Syrup-Martini? The color is a divine amber, golden, orange, with the kumquats being slightly translucent, it’s very pretty and elegant.

This is a fairly easy recipe I found here Put Up or Shut Up  This is a two day  recipe, one day to cook, and then chill overnight ( perhaps for the pectin to release) and then a hot water process the next day.  As usual I tweaked things. We made 4 batches, two followed the recipe and one we substituted agave for half the honey. Oddly the agave didn’t break down the kumquats as much. This will definitely go in my repertoire for canning, though I may continue to tweak it.

(The instructions below assume you have canned before and use terms canning terms. If you are unsure leave me a comment and I will clarify) Recipe  adapted from Put Up or Shut Up

Kumquat Syrup

2 Pounds Kumquats

1 1/2 Cups Honey or Agave ( you may also replace the honey for sugar)

1  1/2 Cups Organic Cane Sugar

1 Large Knob of Ginger Sliced into thick coins say around 10 coins. ( I would have preferred more ginger)

Clean kumquats and poke them with a knife in each end.

Combine sugar, honey, and ginger in a stock pan, bring to a boil. Add kumquats and cook over medium heat until fruit is tender and almost translucent, about and hour. Skim as needed. Do not let it boil hard or it will crush the kumquats.

Cool fruit/syrup  in pan and refrigerate over night.

Next Day:

Start you canner boiling. Return fruit / syrup to  a soft boil over medium heat and simmer for 10 minutes skimming as needed.

Divide the fruit and ginger among the jars, and ladle syrup over them leaving a 1/2 space headroom  in the jar.

Process the jars for 20 min in a hot water bath.

Remove jars and let cool 24 hours. Label, Date and Store in a cool dark cupboard.

One Thing a Day

Twenty Three and Four Kitchen drawers and pantry. Clearing , clearing clearing. Cleaning. Organizing.

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  1. Heather permalink
    August 17, 2010 8:31 pm

    Can’t wait for Christmas! Yum.

  2. August 17, 2010 9:29 pm

    benign neglect is made of win. And don’t forget to add in the directions to periodically wipe down stove top or you’ll have a massive cloud of interested bees outside your kitchen window from the burning sugar. Or was it the fragrant simmering kumquats?? Or just the random blossoms in the window sill?? Dangit we need science to settle this!!! LU bb. (love you baby!!)

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