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Simple Woman Saturday

August 21, 2010

FOR TODAY, looking for tranquility

Outside my window
The neighbor across the street is leaving to go have a baby. It’s very busy on her porch right now. Her next door neighbor is going to the beach and Coach is cleaning the beach out of the back of our  car.

I am thinking…I wish I had my camera last night for the 4th grade beach bonfire, there were so many opportunities for great pictures. S’mores, sand castles and driftwood, an amazing sunset. Just too busy talking and laughing to even remember that I could use the camera on the phone.

I am thankful for…The blessings of those by whom I am surrounded.

From the kitchen…Pancakes, maple syrup and tea. Apparently,Coach is a better pancake maker. Duly noted. But I wonder?

I am wearing… Shorts and a blouse, no shoes, and my hair is still wet.

I am creating..Lists. Lots of lists.

I am going…To school for  the all school work weekend, take Harmony’s playmate home and then perhaps a dip in the pool.

I am reading… Well I just finished I am Hutterite, and a few chapters into The Vegetarian and the Butcher. Book Study has picked a Brian Weiss book that I need to go get as well. We finished Radical Forgiveness . I loved it.

Around the house…Sand, from the beach, beach towels on the laundry room floor.

I am hoping…That Order calls me today. Away with Tutu and Gramps to Utah for a camping trip, reception is spotty. I miss my girl.

I am hearing…Little girls giggling. Harmony had a  friend spend the night and they  are on the porch doing the things that little girls do.

One of my favorite things…Harriet the Tortoise had a sleep-over too. Wonder what they were talking about?

A few plans for the rest of the week: School schedule, Order comes home, maybe, maybe we can begin to paint, friends for dinner, laundry, Sarah’s doggie birthday party.


One Thing a Day

Twenty Five–Harmony–I took time for myself today and sat for an iced tea with my sister. We never allow ourselves to do this, nor do we ever get the chance. Lovely to just have a few hours that we couldn’t go anywhere but just where we were.

Twenty Six–Order–The junk drawers, wow, look I found that thing I needed.

Twenty-Seven–Harmony–It  was a tackle the stuff I am putting off day. I was able to cross 4 things off my list, four dreaded but necessary things. Sigh. That was easy why do I do that to myself. Note to self, do it right away and it won’t weigh heavily upon you.

Twenty Eight–Beauty–Today I am giving up my Saturday to go create Beauty on the school campus.

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