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I am not a teacher, I just look like one.

August 22, 2010

I am not a teacher, I just look like one.

Yesterday was the first of this school year’s work days. It was a very small showing of parents, that said, there was a lot accomplished.

I spent most of the day in the  First Grade room, laminating name tags. Surprisingly  this takes quite a bit of time. Here are a few of the 81 I told you about.

This was my supervisor.

So while I am often on campus volunteering or  a Kindy assistant, or teaching 3rd grade cooking, and have substituted in the past, officially I am not yet a teacher. The children think otherwise. Yesterday I heard a lot of Miss Tammra, Miss Tammra, and huge hugs. Which is lovely, except that no one has met the new First Grade teacher in person. Those poor parents who walked in, smiled and  introduced themselves to me. I chuckle to think that they know me, I’ve been a parent with most of them for 2 years in Kindy ,apparently I  am easily forgotten. I’ll chalk it up to a dark classroom and  looking  official with the list and all.

Do you think I wore them out?

Going back in today, Fourth Grade here I come. Wonder if they’ll think I’m Ms. Davis?

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