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Dog Days Of Summer

August 25, 2010

We marked our calendars.

We brushed our hair, and put bows in. My sister put the banner out.

Her girls cooked treats and cookies.

Remember this?

This was what was in there this time.

In the spirit of all that is childhood silly and folly, we celebrated Sarah’s birthday. ( it may or may not have been her birthday, but once you reach that certain age one takes what one can get). Some sat, some stayed and some ran pell mell. Please take a moment to imagine the sheer coordination in trying to get  one good  shot. You cannot fathom it, trust me. Remember, I have what  human-Sarah calls my ghetto point and shoot. Dogs and children what did W.C. Fields say again?

Everyone had fun playing party games, like roll over, who can eat the most popcorn from a child’s hand and best pirate look-alike.

In life each of us has a talent. A gift we come with  into the world. Some of us are people dogs people love us and we love back.

Some of us are retrievers, we can fetch and run and swim,

some of us exist to look cute and be fawned over,offering the world beauty,

some of us simply are anti-social,

and some of us, some of us dream of flying

and offer the hope to others.

After cake and cookies we swam,

and most , but not all of us enjoyed it.

Happy Birthday Sarahlee.

One Thing a Day

Day Twenty-nine –Harmony–My one thing a day is about small seemly inconsequential things done each day that build up to large differences. Most I’ve shared are physical and slowly I see the change around me. Interestingly as I make changes around me, I change. This isn’t a new concept, I’ve long-held the belief that if you want some sort of shift or change clean out your desk or closet. Feng Shui attests to this. Self examination and processing comes far too easily to me, ma bell thanks my friend-girls and I for that, but in my seeking for one thing a day, changes I have not intended have occurred. Never one to hold on to too much stuff, as far as possessions go, I find myself easily letting go, releasing thoughts, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve me. I have responded in far more compassionate ways, allowed myself out of my comfort zone, and dropped “rules” I’d held.

Day Thirty–Harmony–I stopped and got clear. Pausing to find clarity isn’t hard, and I do it daily. Deep breath, focus and find my center ,where am I mentally , be here in the now. But getting clarity on where I want to go and what I want to happen, oh boy that was a doozy, I was quiet enough within  to hear  myself. It is said that nothing happens unless something moves. I am prepared for something to happen because I moved.

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  1. August 25, 2010 10:31 am

    Now that it’s clear which Sarah is which (I still love it when Order yells, “MOM! Sarah farted!!!” and everyone looks at me) I can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH LEE!!!!! YOU GORGEOUS RED HEAD, YOU!!!! My kids loved looking through these pix with me, Te. ttyl, k?

    LU, theothersarah (LU = loveyou)

  2. Heather permalink
    August 25, 2010 10:49 pm

    Thank you all for coming to my party. I loved playing with my four legged friends. Same time next year!

    Arf, arf,

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