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Saturday Simple Woman’s Daybook

August 28, 2010

FOR TODAY, earlier this morning

Outside my window… wow the weather changed overnight, the sky was so clear that Coach and I stood to watch it bit last night commenting on the stars we could see. Today, its overcast. How do you go from 99* to 65* overnight?

Inside my window……Silliness and Duct-tape wallets.

I am thinking…of the structure for our days now that school is almost here. I’ll share the plan with you this week and tips for transitioning.

I am thankful for…the cooler weather, I want to paint furniture today.

From the kitchen…Coach and Order are making eggs and heating up leftover steak from dinner last night. I am thinking toast for me. It also feels like a batch of cookies day.

I am wearing...kakhi shorts and longs sleeve lavender  top, no shoes. Oh wait I put on flip-flops, or do you call them the Hawaiian  “slippahs”, go aheads like Grandma did, or thongs?????

I am creating… painting bookshelves in the garage. How happy I will be to put them in the upstairs hallway, and even more so to have a place for all my books. Skippy dance.

I am the Goodwill, more bags to drop off. Hopefully grocery shopping, we are down to the dregs. An engagement party for my Cousin.

I am reading…I just finished The butcher and the vegetarian : one woman’s romp through a world of men, meat, and moral crisis, it was a  great book and you can read her blog

Confessions of a prairie b***h : how I survived Nellie Oleson and learned to love being hated,

Love in a time of homeschooling : a mother and daughter’s uncommon year,

Wake up and cook : kitchen Buddhism in words and recipes,

Fearless knitting workbook : the step-by-step guide to knitting confidence

I am hoping…a letter I want arrives in the mail, an intention manifests, my sister has a safe trip to Hawaii today and a lovely vacation this week, that and she finds a bathing suit.

I am hearing…Order croon to herself as she gets ready to go on the team training  ride. Happy girl. Oh wait, there is now a whistling competing going on, Harmony seems to be winning.

Around the house...this weather makes me want to begin to transition the house to fall. Crazy I know, but early September  and the beginning of school is fall to me. Away with the shells, and oil’s of sea coasts. For the record the official first day of Fall is September 22.

Acrylic on canvas painted by Beauty, fish  in bowl on right kept alive by me.

One of my favorite things…TA DA the last ( for the next day or so) load of laundry.

A few plans for the rest of the week: finish bookshelves, 1st grade park date, Father in law comes to town, Disneyland, BBQs.

Taking Part In The Simple Woman’s Daybook

One Thing a Day

Often when I go to write these I think I should have added other titles, like Beauty Harmony and Chaos, or Stuff Happens, or What was I thinking, I could have added better categories, Peace, Love and Patience.

Day thirty one-three  Order—-Purge hit the kitchen. This is the hardest room for me to get rid of items. Mostly because I do use all of it. But not all the time. Drawers and cupboards. “It….must……go………” Says my sister over the phone virtually prying it out of my hands.  “But I looove it” I whine. Into the black bag of clutter someone else’s life.

Under the kitchen sink. I have this vision of opening my under sink cabinet and Martha Stewart being proud. A basket of rags ( you know pretty matching ones and she call them cloths ?) a rounder of organic ,attractive , interestingly assembled cleansers and sparkly cupboard paint. Reality? A black plastic tote of comet and natural all purpose cleanser, disposal wrench,sink stopper, bag of  organic dishwasher tablets, a stack of mismatched towels I’ve cut into rags, and a zillion Trader Joe’ s paper bags I mean to take in with me to get the coupon. But it’s clean and orderly.

Day Thirty Four –Harmony–Better mommy, Better mommy,  Fun mommy. My new mantra.

I am going to let them help me paint the shelfs. Ask me about it tomorrow. I may change my mantra.

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