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Big, bigger best.

September 2, 2010

Contrary to popular belief.

Yes, Virginia, size does matter.

Exhibit A:

When I received the gift from the Computer Fairy ,(may she have uninterrupted internet access, clear cell signal and good looking IT men for the rest of her life) I was overwhelmed and so so very grateful. After all, to receive a gift is lovely but such a grand offering, a new to me computer, well, now how do you top that.

Well let me tell you. My brother took the computer in to get some thingamagig   (technical term) for it, the Applesnaps at the Genius bar said, oh dear, and oh my and let us please, please give it a little spa day, she needs a little facial and exfoliation. Okey dokey. Bye new toy, small obsession, sucked in by by glow suntan.

The Applesnaps felt so badly about how long it took and that her little treatments had failed to give her a youthful glow that they, gulp, replaced her. Yup. new, as in not just new to me but spanky bottom new and “Oh we are so sorry that it took so long would you like it  upgraded and larger? ” Frankly who wouldn’t? You know want it larger.

After all, I am aging relentlessly, right now as we speak actually, there, more sagging and bagging, and anything that makes me not squint is very, very good for my face. Besides should we ever want to host a party or turn the house into a hoppin’ club  where you need a roof-top spotlight to signal the crowds I’ll stick a kid up there with this computer and tell ’em to spin it. Houston the lunar  module has landed on my desk. Prepare to launch.


One thing a day

Before I begin, I need to apologize to Natalie, I promised that I would begin Waldorf Wednesdays. And I did begin and then I stopped when the shriek  was heard.

You know how just when you get smug and then a big hand out of the sky reaches down shakes its finger at you as if to say “Not so fast spanky girl?” Oh, this doesn’t happen to you? Hmmm

We had  bugs. Not nice bugs gross bugs, What is the difference you ask? I like spiders, they get a nice airplane ride outside, ok, that really is the only bug I like, except the ones that eat the bugs I don’t like in my garden., and  I guess I like rolly pollies heaven knows I’ve rescued a few from glass jars in my day, the cricket in my planter, the monster grasshopper who scares me on the screen every so often, caterpillars, I digress.

We had gross bugs, in the food pantry. Mealworms, beetle larvae, baby moths, what ever they were, they were gross. And now gone. So lets just say that’s been my thing a day for a few days. Sanitize the shelfs. Pipe bomb the pantry. Fog the food. Blast the bugs. Because I love you sooo much , I will not show you a picture, That and did you really think I would pause to document the carnage?

Day Thirty-five and on into thirty-six–Nuclear war on bugs, with organic and sustainable, yet powerful weapons.

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