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Simple Woman’s Daybook

September 12, 2010

***Word press has a little hitch in their get up so this published later than it was written***


Outside my window…No noise at all, it’s very quiet. Everyone in the house is asleep. The breeze  coming in the open door feels like fall is arriving soon, it is crisply cool and slightly overcast. Time to create a autumnal nature table.

I am thinking…That I no longer qualify as a simple woman  much anymore. I am so busy now that I see myself coming and going.

I am thankful for… How prayers are answered better than you could have chosen for yourself. Which makes me think that if I would just let go of how I think it must work out and concentrate on what and where I want to be, the path will be opened clear of obstacles.

From the learning rooms…Breads of the world, how to grow grains, can I really make a hard cheese?

From the kitchen…Coffee is brewing and I just bought some Jasmine pearl tea I am exited to try.

I am wearing…my jammies and a robe, its early,well for me its early .

I am creating…lesson plans and castles in the air.

I am going…to have my hair cut today, it needs it. Actually we’re all having our hair cut today.

Later today I will make heirloom tomato bruchetta and a zucchini frittata.

I am reading… have a little faith, Albom, Mitch, Apples for Jam,  Kiros, Tessa, Eating for Beginners, Rehak, Melanie.

I am hearing…A humming bird click in irate annoyance at the dogs for sleeping on the patio. She must have a nest and though they are oblivious to her she is not pleased with their presence. Hovering about a foot above old Molly’s head, that momma bird is making it known that size will not intimidate her. I’ll need to  put the feeder back up .

Around the house… is clean ,clean, clean. Candles burning, flowers on the table. My girlies are asleep. Harmony is at a sleep over , not having my birdies all tucked in the nest puts me at unease. She is usually the first to join me downstairs and I miss her cozy body curling up on my lap as I write. Yes, how Waldorf to cuddle by the glow of the computer. Flog me now.

One of my favorite things… Found on the table this morning  (said table need to be re-finished it seems)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Hanging curtains in the school kitchen and  finding a book shelf and cook books. Dr’s appointments, teaching cooking, laundry.

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One Thing a Day

Well, I guess its Beauty or Order, I took a leap to take on a long term, large commitment that will help to guide my future. I  put myself out there to  take on something and  it paid off. I am not by nature a courageous person. I am brave, often foolishly so, but courage? I fail myself when there are scary conflicts I fume instead of  confront, I disbelieve my ability, which confounds  my friends as my demeanor and persona is fairly confident. I’ve handled irate passengers on airplanes  and they ate out of my hand later, I can calm a ranting child, cashiers or clerks end up seeing things my way, but when it comes to moi and her personal leaps, well I have lead feet. So I jumped and amazingly I landed. Honestly, this for most normal people is not big deal, we all agree I am not normal.

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