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Sunday Simple Woman Daybook

September 19, 2010

FOR TODAY…. The end of the season in my kitchen. Blended into a smoothie and nibbled all weekend.

Outside my window…Still. Very, very still. The past few mornings have been slightly overcast and chilly, but it warms up by 11am or so. The Sycamores are already spotting and browning, soon the branches will be lovely silhouettes.

I am thinking…that perhaps I shouldn’t have vaccinated the girls. I need to clarify, as my education about vaccinations grew over the years the vaccinations shrunk, so that by the time Harmony was born I was a radical and even refused the eye drops right after birth making the drs/nurses  wait a few hours. Which all to say that on Thursday they had physicals and each received a D-tap ( for tetanus booster? –can you boost something not previously had) and a polio shot. Apparently society at large is in grave danger and polio is running rampant??? news to me. Why was I telling you this, oh yes, Order had an extra little cocktail for meningitis. She promptly, as in that evening,  ran a 103 fever, had a pounding headache and ached all over for 48 hours and then felt great. Harmony ran a 100* fever and moaned of not feeling well and in 24 hours was perky. They were all fine before the shots is all I’m saying.

I am thankful for…insurance, We lived on the razor’s edge without it for a year. Luckily we’re healthy. Thank you, thank you powers that be that we have it now.

From the kitchen…menu planning for the next week. I feel like making a yummy today, if I wait perhaps the feeling will pass. I do want to try to make fruit leather, I found a great recipe and I’m itching to try it. ( now that I think of it, where was that recipe??)

I am wearing… jammies with sheep on them. Baa, baa, baa. And a robe. The dogs woke me at 4:30 am, yes you read that right. They probably woke Coach too but he played possum better than me so I got up. I was tired of a cold nose in my face. I fell back asleep on the sofa.

I am creating…knitted horse reins for the kindies to play with.

I am going… to Fam-din tonight. The goodwill to drop off more items ( where is this stuff reproducing). I am on a hunt for lunch sized containers. Our school has a no-trash policy, so no baggies no more. Let me put this in perspective because it sound great right??                                                                                                           3 daughters, 4 lunches a week, 5 snacks a week around 4-5 things per day to pack I’ll need at minimum of  20 containers because although we’ll wash them each day, you know, you just know, there will be days we won’t. I do have fabric baggies we use ( thank you Nana, I wish you were still here to sew more) but salsa and humus and strawberries don’t do well in fabric bags. Ideas folks? I’m open to suggestions.

I am reading…3 Cups of Tea, again for book club, and mostly the back of my eyelids as I am so tired.

I am hoping…I can find a workable rhythm and order to my weeks. An opportunity that has been presented and seems promising will truly manifest, opening the window to my dreams.

I am hearing… Coach go get donuts, a newspaper and knowing him coffee.

Around the house…the art area, formerly know as the garage is under construction ( yet once again). Where do you put the little things and the do-dads? They are used and wanted but storage? Eeek. We have a dream, to put the car back into the other side of the garage.

One of my favorite things… heard from Order this morning…”thank you for not calling me the freak online; not that you would or should”. Let’s just say I’ve had ample opportunity and reason, but I have refrained.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Cooking, the first Head, Heart, and Hands talk this week,  Coach and Order leave for a cycling conference in Vegas, so the littles and I will have cozy quiet evenings, I promised that they could sleep with me while daddy was gone. Scout comes to visit on Thursday, Hoover will be soooo happy.

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One thing a day: Right now getting through this week was enough.

I have plans for the upcoming month and OTD. I’m going to take on weekly challenges that are done daily. Beginning tonight I will keep a gratitude diary. I’ll talk more about this later this week.

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