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Just Tuesday

September 21, 2010

It was a busy Tuesday.

I went to the doctor who took one look and said, ” You look OK to me”. Really, she said that and that was it; because she didn’t do anything else, no temperature, ears, eyes, nada, nich, zero zip. Guess I am gooood looki’n. Okay then.

And then I drove to school just in time for this.

I didn’t start laughing and making sarcastic remarks, oh and taking pictures until I had checked in with Shalimar and the kiddos. All are well. Thank heavens.

In total disclosure Shal was taking pics as well, and videos. We deemed it the most blog worthy event. ( she may be posting her version here )

Look at this picture and the bags under my eyes, what was that Dr. thinking????

At lunch with her children securely strapped in, Shalimar pulled into the itty bitty parking stalls at school to pick up her kindergartener and then oops, uh oh, goodness gracious, hot damn. Pressed the gas and not the brake.

It was epic in a school parking lot sort of way.

Her mishap offered hours of  joy to the after kindy gaggle, and any child at lunch recess. Lordy you have no idea the rapture for the children when the 2 nd  tow truck pulled up along with the police officer. But wait, it gets better, not so much for Shal but for our viewing participants.  When her  truck jumped the curb, took out the fence line  and planting material (read this to mean a small tree and bushes) it went over the post, which when the previously mentioned tow trucks began to pull the truck out,  rammed the pole into the undercarriage of the truck . 4 1/2 hours, one sheriff, 1 local police officer,  2 fire trucks, one saw, one broken tow truck, many enthralled children, and one stoic Shal later the truck was free. Well free to ride on the back of a flatbed tow truck.

Can I just tell you , that if you need a rock in an emergency, a calm in a storm and someone who just rolls with it? Find yourself a Shalimar. She was regretful and funny, no moaning or groaning, no panic or anger. Resigned dismay yes. The firefighters will have a day with it. Her husband is a firefighter  himself and this cannot end well as far as station pranks go.

And then because Coach and Order are in Las Vegas and I was tired I made this. And it was good.

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