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Attachment Issues

September 25, 2010

In my weekly foray into the Goodwill, I spied this.

Mom had one like it. I thought woo-hoo a sewing box for the miscellaneous, uhmm, sewing crap, and maybe it had more crap for my crap collection.  I looked in it and the top-level was all vintage 1960/1970 so at five ninety-nine, it was all mine. I had hoped for vintage buttons, and perhaps a few trims and such for projects. Instead this is what I found.

Who ever she was, she had real attachment issues; there are over 50 zippers in there. Yes 50. Most of them metal.  It was like a punk leather jacket in that box.If she had not been successful  sewing in the zippers she could always rely on her PolyWeb. I know I do, why sew my hems if the seams fall out when I can fuse them together. Me an’ iron and stitch-witchery it’s all good, and hemmed.

Should her iron-in-fusing not work she had miles of elastic, cording, and  rings. Bound, stitched, zippered and fused. Makes you kind of wonder. And then I found the curved needles, huge curved needles. Does tend to give one pause does it not? They are carpet and upholstery needles, which actually I could use.

At first I thought it said Teenage KNOW IT ALL. After all I have one here at home and trust me, she thinks I drool and have slack mental capacities. Pardon me as I wipe spittle off the keyboard.     Please note–Zippers were in lesson 3. The back lists all the notions and equipment she needed, you should know that no where were zippers listed in that quantity, but no pattern  written down. Uh-oh all ready and nothing to sew.

The best deal of the box for me, believe it or not ,is the 15 cent suede self sticking patch , ( yes it’s a lousy photo, ghetto camera remember, deal with it). I want to put the turtle on an apron, with maybe a few mushrooms. Even if it needs sewing I can, after all, use the Poly-web and huge needles.

POST EDITOR NOTE…….Sunday morning, Beauty sat on it and now I have a cracked box. Can we all spell annoyance, disappointment and roll our eyes, come on join in. sigh Te

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