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Tea for Two

October 3, 2010

We got a hall pass. Saturday  my Sis and I went to tea in Old Town Orange. As you can imagine Orange  is named after orange groves that once filled the landscape. Today it is filled with antique stores, a University I attended when it was a college,  craftsman homes, and general suburban sprawl. We stayed near the antique stores, it seemed prudent. There is a sweet little tea house we like to visit. Its verrry verry French. I forgot to take photos of the soup and tea sandwiches, I was eating too fast.

After our lovely tea we wandered through antique stores. There must be something wrong in the world as we know it when both my Sis and I do not find anything to buy. Well, OK we found 4 things we’re giving for Christmas but I can’t share that now, can I.

I drove home to the grocery store, she went home to a blissfully empty house. Her husband and the girls are in Catalina for a camping trip. She called as I was making dinner to tell me she is lonely;  I asked if she was feeling well.  I drove over in my jammies after our dinner and surprised her, shocked her more like it. We had a fun slumber party, watched a movie, read magazines and just talked.

Now, if I invited you to tea or coffee, I would serve you on a silver platter, with a vintage cloth napkin, sugar bowl, and hotel silver creamer. Regrettably you’d get a plain ‘ol cup because the cute little vintage punch cups are too danged small to serve tea in.

I’d let you choose your tea though. I’m a giver I tell you. Maybe even bake a scone.

And best of all Granma’s spoon collection ( yes I know it’s spelled with a ‘d’ in there we just never enunciated).

I remember these Collector spoons in Baba’s kitchen hanging on the side of the beech cupboards, right next to the copper rooster and some other decorative jello mold.  So while I wax poetic about Baba, you should  also know that, she probably didn’t collect all these spoons. Maybe, but not likely. During her roaring 60’s she worked as a receptionist in a Retirement Home. Lots of ladies liked Irma, (ahem so did the men) so much so they’d leave her their treasures when they went on to greener pastures. So frankly, the spoons hung in her house and that is good enough for me.

So here is a little tutorial. Souvenir spoons were first created way back in 1890 with President Washington’s face as the first ever created. oddly enough, or sadly enough the spoon that set the world on fire here in the US is the Salem Witch spoon created in 1891.Most are from Idaho. Which makes me laugh because my Dad ‘s side is from Idaho. Irma was from the Dakotas, a farm girl who lived without an indoor toilet until she was 30 .  Let us just take a moment of silence here for Granma,  to pause and consider this. No- Indoor-Toity. I’ve camped and used port-a-potties that made my life miserable for 3 days. 30 years, in the Dakotas with winters of  -20* and heat of  more than 105*. Need I say more?

Which brings us right back round to tea. There are windmill spoons, one with a Delft “wooden” shoe, and simple silver ones.Would you like to use the one spoon from Chicago, it’s quite fancy, with art deco font.

Or the melon spoon whose bowl is ridged like a Cantaloupe.

The Dahlia one is so charming, flowers all raised. Or the Sunflowers.

Are you feeling Gothic, would you care to sip your tea with a serpent? ( ugh) Why do you think they made a spoon with a snake?  I don’t know where in Idaho Shoshone is but they have a spoon.

And my favorite.

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  1. Heather permalink
    October 3, 2010 9:18 pm

    Had a lovely, lovely time at tea with you; I could really go for one of those scones about right now! Ah, let’s not wait another year to ‘Tea’ again.
    xo Sis

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