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Saturday Simple Woman Daybook

October 9, 2010

Good Morning. This is the second draft of this post. I went to publish and poof my morning writing was gone. So my deep thoughts and lush prose are now bare.
It seems a while since I wrote to you. This morning as I lay (seems wrong but google grammar says lay is right) in bed watching the light creep up the wall first blue, then grey into cream and finally yellow the air was crisp enough to pull the comforter up to my chin. I might have lingered but Hoover began his dance of destruction with the trash can. I hope he doesn’t mind the cool outside air, because I minded the remnants of yesterday on the floor.

Simple Woman’s Daybook

One of my favorite things… My Niece. Its her BIRTHDAY today. We wish you a happy birthday, a joyous and celebrated birthday, to our dear L. may you have a long, long life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY L.A.S.

Outside my window… the neighbor’s Chinese Maple is glowing crimson and orange. I may pick up a few and make a window wreath.

I am thinking…that this is my favorite season of the year. Cool crisp days for sweaters and fireplaces, but not so cold you get frostbite. Not that we get frostbite in Orange County. Trees ablaze with color, crunchy brown leaves to stomp in and cerulean blue skies.

I am thankful for…a quiet Saturday. Coach and Order have a race tomorrow so no ride today and everyone slept in.

From the learning rooms…3rd grade has been in the Land of Volume visiting with the Royal Gallons. I adapted a story to help with measurements and we cut and pasted gallon people. We will enter into grains next week, baking breads and foods as we explore each grain. Each day of the week corresponds to a grain, a planet and color. The first grain to introduce will be Wheat-Sunday followed in the next few months by Rice-Monday, Tuesday-Oats, Millet-Wednesday, Rye-thursday, Barley-Friday, Corn- Saturday. There are two great resources I’ve found for these and .

From the kitchen…Pumpkin Pancakes with maple syrup. Like eating a pumpkin pie for breakfast.

I am wearing…jeans, tee-shirt, sweater and slippers.

I am creating…Aprons. Needle felted figures, and knitted horse reins. Art for the kitchen classroom.

I am going…perhaps to Ikea to gather supplies for the classroom. Hopefully the store will no be crowded. Wishful thinking.

I am reading… Edible School Yard, by Alice Waters. Again. Grain Rice and Beans by Kevin Graham, The River Cottage Family Cookbook—I found it for $6.00 at Goodwill. Love this book.

Making me laugh… Harmony asking if we can add Whooping cream to the pancakes. I love that each girl has added to family vocabulary mispronunciation and odd word combinations.

I am hearing…girls stirring, spatulas flipping, Coach singing as he cooks with them, laughter, a daughter strumming the guitar. Happy morning.

Around the house… honey do’s and apparently the Florida State game later this afternoon. Repairing Beauty’s bed. The vintage bed felt old and the side rail gave way. Nothing glue and screws can’t fix though. Painting the back door. Picking my 4 zucchini.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Menu planning for the week, birthday party, our anniversary, Head Heart and Hands will be about nature tables, so I need to get my things together for that.

More on the Simple Woman’s Daybook here simple-woman-daybook-large.jpg

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  1. 5andcounting permalink
    October 9, 2010 10:58 am

    Lovely post, I look forward to reading them. Have a happy day, will see you tomorrow.
    Spirits are visiting in the front room today, RB is visiting FS, Tutu is working on horse blanket that has been sitting in sewing room for over 2 weeks…..doors are open, birds are making a mess of the seeds and chirping away, all in all a most divine morning… Although no pumpkin pancakes here. 😦

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