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Slammin’ into Saturday Simple Woman’s Daybook

October 16, 2010

Its raining, Its pouring I wish I was snoring. But alas I am not. I am up at the crack of dawn.

I might still be sleeping but a small face peered at mine around 5:30am. It told me it was hungry. At 5 in the morning, are you sure? I asked the face. Uh huh. Okay, crawl in with me and then go eat with daddy when he goes downstairs. Her feet were very cold, her wiggles very wiggly and then there you have it I smelled coffee. All over but the napping this afternoon.

Order and Coach got up early to get out the door for a race today an hour plus away. A  good but muddy race.

Texted in by Coach.

Its time for what did you do this week. Well, I had a blood test  and my arm turned purple, I walked into bookshelf in the middle of the night and my nose turned purple and hmmmm, oh yes it was my anniversary on Thursday and I ate a chile by accident and my mouth turned…. well I don’t know I was busy swishing milk. How was your week?

Simple Woman Saturday

Outside my window… Rain. I love overcast, rainy days. Woke up in the middle of the night to the pitter-patter of rain on the patio, smiled and snuggled in. I can smell the scent of the fire burning  from our chimney. ( yes even in the cold I have the window open)

I am thinking…That there are many things I have given away over the years that I wish I had back. The enameled table, white with red trim and  scrolls. Why did that go? My favorite jacket that I decided was not hip enough, my childhood desk, although technically my father tossed it on his annual purge the storage unit, my curtains, why did I decide not to save them as fabric. OK, actually I get that one.  Coach shakes his head every time I do a Goodwill drive which is almost every other week, because as he says, ‘you’re gonna want that’. I should note here, you would think that with all the tossing going on over here my house might be empty. On the contrary. Yet I am not bringing in, or shopping ( except for food) or collecting so really where is it all coming from? and where is the space that should be created?

I am thankful for… my girlfriends. My turn to host, it was a repeat book for many of us and frankly I don’t know that we discussed it at all. What we did do was laugh, talk and eat. I prepared 3 soups Winter White ( cauliflower,turnip, parsnip and sherry) , Butternut Squash  and a Lentil and Sausage. For dessert we nibbled on my old standby, gingerbread cake with warm lemon pudding. These women ( we were missing 3 ) have been in my life for over 5 years now. Our children range from college, just entering high school to pre-school.  I met most of them in our school’s version of PTA and now we gather each month to  supposedly discuss books and movies.

From the learning rooms…After learning about Wheat this week, painting sheaves, and discussing grain the 3rd grade and I made bread from my favorite bread book.  4 large loaves of Whole Wheat Challah. All the classes and office staff on campus had a nibble and I was given a loaf to take home. The loaves could have used another half hour to rise. They look oddly like  calzones in this photo. Yesterday was drizzly and the scent of baking bread made the kitchen classroom  doorstep  very popular.

From the kitchen…Challah toast, honey butter, coffee = Happy, Happy Momma. I know they’re tired of it but probably soup for dinner. Maybe Clam chowder, or a  Vietnamese Pho .

I am wearing…Jeans sweater and slippers. And cheater glasses. I know ! I turn 44 soon but really now, reading glasses. *sigh* In fact yesterday I had to put them on to read the Tylenol bottle instructions for Beauty’s headache. ( one back head slam on the pavement in the am, one volleyball to the forehead in the afternoon, one sad little girl) Were the instructions always that little or is it me?

I am creating…aprons. More importantly a nest on the sofa with a good book, my Living mag, cook books, vintage children’s books and a pot of tea. Hello Saturday.

I am going…only to get on that sofa and not get off until its time to cook dinner, or maybe take a nap.

I am reading…the 1942 Child Craft volumes for inspiration.

I am hearing…singing from upstairs, -Oh, well now I am hearing “stop it” names yelled, and yep a door slam. Silence, which is really never golden unless you’re alone. Bath tub running, -singing again. The storm has blown over.

A few plans for the rest of the week: My brother’s engagement party, knitting class in Head, Heart and Hands and play dates.

Oh Nurse…where is my IV drip? it’s about the quantity I need. 

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