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Another Turn Around the Sun

October 23, 2010

Good Morning Mama,

Will you open them now pleeeeeeease ?

A crocheted acorn pot holder from Beauty . Don’t know if I can use it, so lovely it calls to be framed.

This is Wisteria, Harmony has sewn her with love and pride. She will ride in my pocket when I hang out with the kindies, and keep my school kitchen safe. ( Wisteria not Harmony)

Off to the races. Order races cycle cross today. It should be a muddy race, all the better to be a spectator. She says I get the medal if she wins.

If You Were Born Today, October 23
You are a persuasive, interesting, and clever person. There is a mischievous playfulness about you, and you like to poke fun at more serious or pompous individuals. You have much magnetic appeal, with both sexes. You are fiercely protective of those you love, as well as passionate and highly perceptive. You are one of the most observant people around, and your understanding of human nature belies your years in age. You don’t miss much that’s going around you! Your wit is sharp, yet you are sensitive to the feelings of people you hold dear. Famous people born today: Johnny Carson, Bob Montana, Dwight Yoakam, Weird Al Yankovich, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Doug Flutie.

Today’s birthday (Oct. 23): You’re open to new experiences, and the next four weeks bring adventure. Led by a passionate heart, you think of loved ones at every juncture, and they afford you the same consideration. Together, you’ll build something wonderful in December. You’ll be chosen for a position in March. Cancer and Gemini people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 40, 2, 5, 22 and 17.



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  1. Cathrine Ji permalink
    October 23, 2010 3:08 pm

    Is it your birthday?! Happy birthday, you lucky happy mama! The gifts are just amazing and you deserve the beauty, harmony and order in them!
    Have a happy fulfilled year!

  2. Heather permalink
    October 23, 2010 8:03 pm

    Happy, happy birthday dear sister! I’m looking forward to the tacos and pumpkin pie. May you have ‘many more turns around the sun’.


  3. rawfeelings permalink
    October 23, 2010 11:37 pm

    Oh, OH!!!! Te, Happy, happiest of birthdays to you!!!! WHAT R U DOING MONDAY NITE. MUST PLAN BDAY NIGHT OUT, STAT. Will call in the morning.

    XOXO Sarah

  4. 5andcounting permalink
    October 24, 2010 9:06 pm

    Happy Birthday one day late dear daughter. I can remember every single moment of your birth, and the elation we felt when you arrived that warm October night. You were a very pretty baby and have remained so even unto this day. You were planned, wanted, adored, held tenderly and greeted with family excitement and awe. It’s been a wonderful E ticket ride and you have taught me tons.
    Thanks for picking me as your mom, next time we can change places if you want.


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