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Sew, Happy Birthday

October 31, 2010

OK sew I ran a little late. TA DA she turned 10 back in August. Its like this, August is a great time to have a birthday but not a birthday party because everyone is either at the beach, camping or visiting grandma. Seeeewwww  you postpone and September is busy because school starts and, early October is busy and , and…

May I offer a handwork birthday party?

Everything planned for the party fell in line easily and frankly I didn’t have to shop for decor. And as far as decor goes it was all in stitches.

1. Having a party during a holiday season cuts down on house party prep and decorations, 2. The older they get the less decorating you need to do. Bonus! 3. I was out of creative ides for decorating as I’d tapped out all mental resources to come up with a theme for the party itself. Running on fumes.

There was a cake incident. I cheated and ordered a blank cake….as in just frosted white. I would do the rest,and I did and it was sew cute. Yet, when we went to move it to the cake stand the cake skied  halfway off the cake board taking frosted edges with it.

During search and  rescue the name and salutation  were smeared  right along with the edging. (hot pink and orange are hard to scrape off and re-write in case you’re  interested ) Good thing I gave up being a perfectionist this week. * Sigh*  Sew why do these things happen an hour before anyone arrives and you have no makeup on yet???

Sew we knitted and crocheted and sewed the afternoon away.


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