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And Donuts

November 15, 2010

Weekend  update. We had no school Thursday and Friday. Thanks be to whichever graven image  you  choose.

I am so happy. OK giddy. Fall is here, fall is here.

At 3 am Friday I woke to a strange sound. Sat up, tried to place it in my groggy mind.  Banging and shaking. Was a door opening ? Yes, a door, but no dogs were barking, what is going on. Lurch out of bed, Coach never, never wakes to noises, I am the sentry at night. Shuffle down the hallway into Coach’s office, ahh  the door was making noise.  Left slightly un-latched it buffeted back and forth in the jam. There was no panic, the office and door are on the 2nd floor after all, but what the???? was going on . Oh ! Santa Ana winds are here. Fall has officially arrived. Watching the trees in street  lamplight was like watching an underwater seaweed dance. The wind has howled outside all morning though it seemed to have died down in the afternoon. Thank heavens the huge sycamores are out in the alley common area and we’re not raking leaves. No school meant a quiet wake-ups and snuggles, long relaxations over coffee and plenty of free time to dawdle. Oh and donuts.

We have friends in town staying with us this week; we are enjoying it immensely. Well except for Lauren’s southern smack talk. Its dueling twang here in the kitchen.  As if she got it goin’ on. I done cirl’ ya’ll  girl.  Umm hmm. And it ain’t snow’n here baby.

Michael and Lauren are good friends through cycling who we have adopted into the family. We’ve kept them busy this weekend beginning at a dinner for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation celebrating the athletes who support the foundation and those who have been helped. JWCF is close to our hearts and a priority in Coach’s team mission. Each rider chooses a family member, friend or  person for whom to ride. At the end of the year donations are made in that person’s name toward the JWCF.

Here is s link, if you let it scroll through you’ll see Order and maybe a video.   On my little bandwagon, log on and register as a supporter.

I do so love a full house and people to cook for. Saturday after eye dr appointments, bike races, and track time,  dinner was pumpkin soup , grilled sausages and a chop salad. It was sooo good. I’ve never made pumpkin soup before, but after scraping the pot clean at Lantern Walk’s Soup Potluck  it became a priority to make.

Lauren, Order and Michael are off to the track for a little wood board time on Sunday afternoon;  the girlies and I will do a little sewing, tackle  the ubiquitous Mt. Saint Laundry and concoct dinner. I’m vacillating between Asian  pork roast or a Carolina wet bbq sauce pork roast. Either will be with rice, wilted spinach salad and some naughty dessert.

And that is a weekend. And we ate a Asian/Southern Fusion Bbq and no dessert.

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  1. Cathrine Ji permalink
    November 15, 2010 10:14 pm

    Could you adopt me??? The food sounds amazing and you have just too much energy…

  2. Te permalink*
    November 16, 2010 7:03 am

    Sure Cath-
    Come on over and bring the kids. But I’m not doing laundry.

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