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Simple Woman Saturday

December 18, 2010


Outside my window…Rain, rain and gray skies. For some reason I am noticing that my circadian rhythm hasn’t caught up to the light changes this year. I am still caught unawares when it gets dark and begin to rush. The upside to this is a great wash of relief when I find out I have more time to make dinner than I thought and due to rushing GETTING THINGS DONE sort of.

Our little neighborhood is meant to look like the cottages in an English village, all white, steeply pitched roof lines and tall chimneys. So with blinding white houses, picket fences and green drippy shrubbery, combined with gray skies, and drizzly rain  one does feel rather moved to make a cuppa.

I am thinking…That I may not have the energy to clean up the disgorgement of the car and classroom cubbies that fill the kitchen and bottom treads of stairs. That rules about bikes in the house are not made for  sick children who are shut indoors and had a birthday on Thursday. Happy Birthday Harmony.

I am thankful for…Once agin I do the Snoopy Dog happy dance for Urgent Care and Heavy hitting antibiotics. Because, once again Harmony has pneumonia, which may actually be pertussis. Oh and everyone else here in Casa Mucus has some version of ear infection, acute bronchial do-da-day. We are a walking reclining commercial for kleenex.

From the kitchen… Would you eat from this kitchen after hearing what I just said? I mean really now.

I am wearing…cozy clothes.

I am going…Christmas shopping. Yes dear fellow shoppers, I have wipes in my purse and car that I will copiously use before I touch the merchandise and what nots. But if you are rude to me, beware,  I may just sneeze and cough and not use my cough pocket. Naughty boys and girls beware.

I am reading…Temperaments and the Adult-Child Relationship, Kristie Karima Burns, the guide for channels on the TV.

I am hearing… crash* bang** “everything’s OK it didn’t break…thank goodness” from across the other room. Uh.. Oh good. ?.

Around the house… ready for Santa.


I am hoping… That Jackie, oh wonderful Jackie, sends me a Christmas card and lets me know how Germany is………


One of my favorite things…

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  1. holly permalink
    December 20, 2010 12:40 pm

    Oh how i miss the family Christmas times.Today my daughter is snuggled in bed with flu,computer on her lap,of course, and I am watching Faulty Towers while knitting Toasty’s…..What are Toasty’s you ask? Wonderful,fun,silk and banboo yarn gloves!
    Wishing you some time to sit by the fire and have a cuppa Hot Apple Cider. hugs

  2. Te permalink*
    December 24, 2010 11:19 am

    haha hoover is so funny how did you get him to do that? love beauty*

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