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Simple, Clever and Charming

December 22, 2010

This year I was hoping to give teacher, friend and my little kindergarten friends Christmas gifts that would reflect the season, be useful, simple, thoughtful and if possible handmade. The rest of the title  charming and clever… that’s me.

Anyhoo gifts.

While antique shopping this summer with my sister we came upon a vintage glass dealer who had stacks of  vintage glass reamers. ( I could do a lot right now with that word but I am refraining).    Reasonably priced we both paused and discussed, what could we do with those? Sis came up with the idea that we could fill them with oranges, and a pomander or two. Clever,clever.  You could create the same idea with glass compotes or cake plates, silver bowls ect.

Teacher gifts

A vintage reamer, pomander and clementines. ( again holding back). After returning home from school Friday afternoon feeling smug that I GOT IT DONE it dawned on me that I was supposed to include a jar of the summer’s Kumquat Ginger Syrup. Darn it.

Kindergartener’s gifts.

Needle felted acorns to hang on the tree, or for the nature table. I felted most of these in Dr.’s and Urgent Care waiting rooms. Yes, I spent that much time waiting.

Girlfriend and colleague gifts.

Matchboxes with a decorated sleeve and two tapers all wrapped up in a big ‘ol swath of glassine wrap.  Candles are lit daily in our classrooms and this seemed to reflect the theme of the season, to share light. Most of my friends and I do not exchange so this was more a token offering for whimsy.  These were fairly easy to make and offer a great possibility for seasonal change ups.

We crafted these as our gifts to Fairy Market this year. I hear they all disappeared. FYI dibs on this again next year fellow Fairy Market crafters.

Assembly line style, I cut  the rectangles, Beauty sewed a seam up the side, Harmony and Order then blanket stitched the edges. ( yes I see it, these aren’t stitched yet) You might also use pinking shears-mine were not sharp and frayed the edges. Once this was done I collected various pinecones, acorns, moss, glass ornaments, twigs, and a miniature bird or two, these were hot glued on.  In order for the matches to strike a flame , an extra match box side is cut and the strike plates cut to fit the decorated boxes end.  A piece of matching felt was glued to the other side. I have done this style of box sleeve in the past and heavily decorated them altered art style. These we chose to make very simply so the girls could participate. Hot glue is a girls best friend. Here is a neat trick, the acorns looked dry so I Lemon Pledged them. Happy acorns.

Hey Sis, look they say keep away from children.

Oh Deer! Christmas countdown.

4 more days

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