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December 29, 2010

I have hit the wall

-the christmas wall.

The wall of putting it ALL BACK in the boxes where it no longer fits.

O.K . I know Christmas is barely over, in fact if you are celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas like I am it isn’t over.

What IS over, is my tolerance for Christmas decorations in the house. Usually I keep the festivities decking the halls until the 12 days are past. Not so much this year.

"Mom, have you seen my bag of Santa candy?"

Thus, the wall. Such is my distress I broke into my emergency box of See’s candy I received at Christmas, finished the sherry cake ( one piece honest) and have nearly annihilated the girls candy bags. Should you wander anywhere near my house and have any sugar on you this is fair warning. I am like a drug sniffing dog, only I’ll slide on up to you, pace a little,  rat you out  and then consume the illegal substance.

Sadly, I hit the wall the day the boxes came down from the rafters. I have turned into my  mother. ( sorry mom) It is not pretty. ( sorry mom) I can remember the first time she mentioned not feeling in the mood for decorating and I was all  aghast. And she was all like it’s too much. And I was all, why?  And she was all I just don’t. That was like during the like Valley Girl days.

And now dear Lord, now there go I. What has become of me?

The garage O'boxes with children's tree ready to be strip searched for chocolate.

It is  just too, too much for me this year. Not sure why. Certainly not for lack of sugar. It all must go back to its cranberry box nestled in tissue and newspaper from 5 years ago because that is when I stopped ordering the newspaper and keep forgetting to buy more to wrap with. Night night.


Don’t get me wrong or shame me now. I wrapped and feted and Falalaled. I Ho Ho Hoed, I baked and frosted and dreamed of sugar plum fairies. Hmmm.


So packing away.

This week is filled with a craft classes for the girls, restoring order to the house and a very quiet New Years Eve.  Gently moving toward the new year I want clean closets, organized drawers and to know that 2010 is tucked neatly away.

As I begin to slowly organize the red and green boxes strewn across the garage floor, weeding out ornaments, broken light strands, and what nots from who knows where,I keep coming across linens, glassware and figures passed on to me by Coach’s mom and the yearly ornaments for the girls’ Christmas trees of the future. Nana and I schemed that when the girls moved out they could each decorate a whole tree.


I’ve never spoken of it before but this year was one of great strain on our family both  financially and emotionally. Earlier this year  we unexpectedly lost Coach’s mother, and it has felt that each month has carried some new first without her. This ‘first’ Christmas was especially hard on the girls and Coach without Nana.

So on Saturday as we watch The Rose Parade we’ll toast  Nana (the woman loved herself a parade) and welcome in 2011, may this past year be gently tissue wrapped and packed away.

And I hope Coach has See’s candy on speed dial. Just in case.

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  1. 5andcounting permalink
    December 30, 2010 10:58 am

    no worries, I feel your pain, I get a hall pass on my apathey towards the season as this was my 46th year of putting up the tree and decorating the house and then putting it all away. In the beginning I loved it—cannot remember what year it started to fade-probably in the 30thish years. (made a new word)
    It all just left the garage on its way to storage~~~~~whoohoo
    I will now take the piece of chocolate on the upper right side though.. 🙂

  2. Te permalink*
    December 31, 2010 7:23 pm

    Sorry mom, its gone.

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