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Assigned seating

January 28, 2011

  I used to love the teeter-totter as a child. Back in the long ago when earth’s crust was drying, my parents rented a duplex from a woman we called Grandma Rita. Besides the amazing tree house build long ago for her children Grandma Rita’s house backed up to an access gate leading to my cousins’ large yard. Bellflower California in the 1960 hosted huge by today’s standards 1/2 and 1/4 acre  lots. Late in the day after Momma had used every last nerve to occupy a busy 5 and 3-year-old, we might wander back to my aunt and uncle’s house. My uncle, a plasterer by trade, coming home form work,  would back  his huge truck matted and speckled with white plaster down the long driveway, into the rear potion of the lot. Over the years I’ve tried not to re-align my  memories with the reality the adults in my life might hold of this magical place. There were long boards, ladders, huge sand piles, bags full of plaster dust that wafted up if you sat on them, shovels, trowels, saw horses, a small shack building of some sort, and a “pit” that my uncle would back the huge truck into. I realize now he lowered the truck to more easily load it with the sand and materials, but as a child it was wonderfully unusual. Some days he might let a little girl in pigtails hitch a ride down the long, long driveway, and then wonder of wonders set out a saw-horse with a board across it.

The thing about a teeter totter is the balance. Either side mustn’t overpower the other or there is no fun  to be had. Just hard bottom thumping or dangling legs. Also it helps to have another teeter totterer. It’s rather dull sitting all alone on the one side. Trust me.

So pardon the pause, I’m reassigning the seating arrangements.

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