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fact or fiction

February 1, 2011

The thing about Food P#rn is that just like the other kind it makes me tilt my head sideways and ask “How did they just do THAT?” And the inevitable “Well, that ain’t gonna happen here buddy”.  Because, first I have a ghetto camera and second I plan to eat what we’ve cooked so color arrangement, composition and stunningly lovely dishware are not in my evening skill set. Thirdly, apparently my lighting needs to be beefed up, which also will not be happening because dim  is what it’s all about after 40. Just sayin’. So I read the following blogs as if it were science fiction or politics, loosely based on the truth.

Really, really? this is my usual response to when I visit. because of the beauty, the ingredients her family will eat and dang, the photography.

The first time I read  I think I wet myself. Then I friended her on FB.

If I were younger, more stylish, had a good camera, elegant, clever, I could do this too.

I can do this. After reading her blog for a while I actually read the stuff on the side and guess what, she wrote a biography. So I read that too.

I’ve spoken of  and often refer to her baking recipes for inspiration of items that are doable.

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