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He says ”Oh by the Way”

February 12, 2011

Do you ever have one of those moments where you must let go,breath deeply, release and just do the Tribal Make It All Good Dance to the local totem pole? Personally when preparing for the dance  I like to use the natural grass skirt and go easy on the tribal face paint. A few weeks ago I had that moment.

For two days.

Order went to a regional cycling “camp”, ALONE. It seems they discourage parents and coaches from hanging out during the evaluation/training  camp.

Now I ask you, why would they do that?

For those who know me you understand that the words “my child” and “alone” do not happiness make. OK so she’s 13, can park the car for me ( yes I know, I know) , shave her legs and well, shave.  So camp ALONE, over an hour away which we all know means  too far for me to waddle for rescue.

Not good.

Coach who is very empathetic to my neurosis said, “Listen  Te ( note the slight edge to that will ya) , I checked it out, I spoke with the team mom, I spoke with the coaches. It’s fine really!”  And fine, alright it was fine, but I sweated it, I can prove it to you by my laundry.

Giddy. This is how she comes home, well that and slack, STARVING, and stupefied. Perhaps she didn’t understand my angst during the day by her monosyllabic responses. “Yeah it was great” What  did you do all day? “I rode my bike mom.  Whats for dinner?” Sunday was more of the same. Except as they are coming home Coach calls and says, “It was a great day she placed really well, but um,   looong pause    “She crashed out.” SHE WHAT??? “She went down, it’s not bad.” Define not bad. “No road rash, just sore, bumped body parts” WHAT BODY PARTS? “ She got back up and finished the ride. Her saddle ( translation bike seat) is ripped up,  her helmet pretty scratched, and the bike has a scar, Oh by the way it was a boy who crashed into her” That boy is now Mr. Texty around here. This should be great fodder don’t you think, boy crashes girl, boy texts girl, girl holds phone like its oxygen?

Does she look like she should be shaving? really? I think she’s far to young? I’m ignoring the texting boy.

Easter 2002

Easter 2002

Far to young. I’m ignoring the texting boy.

I’m ignoring the texting boy.

I’m ignoring the texting boy.

I’m ignoring the texting boy.

I’m ignoring the texting boy.

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