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Simple Woman Saturday

February 19, 2011

Outside my window…Well outside the front door are Coach and some new friends. We have two young Canadian cyclist staying with us for a few weeks. My life with bikes has multiplied.

Let us do 3rd grade math shall we? Coach has three daughters. One daughter likes to bike. That daughter has 3 bikes, a TT bike, a road bike, a track bike. Coach has one bike. Two friends come to visit. They each have two bikes. When they go out to ride how many bikes are left in the living room? In the back yard each child has a fun bike plus Mom has a cruiser and there might be a left over bike someone outgrew. In the garage Mom’s brother has left his bike because he can’t fit it in his garage. How many bikes are there total? If you said 15 you might be right. But I would need to go count for an accurate number because they breed sometimes.

I am thinking…That’s a lot of bikes. And a lot more laundry.

The weather…Is unsure of itself. California cold, I couched, this because our new Canadian friends mentioned,well its not snowing. It rained and the wind blew all last evening but this morning the sun has valiantly shone through the grey clouds. Good luck buddy, they’re coming for you.

I am thankful for…4 days off from school.

From the kitchen… Annie bless her, is emptying the dishwasher. Banana bread, oatmeal,homemade granola, and smoothies.

I am wearing… Sweats, why do you ask?

I am creating…Oooh I received from the Magic Crafts Fairy some fabric from the groovy  ’70s. So I am cutting out a pattern for an apron.

I am going… To the track. Remember Lauren? she is in a race today and we want to cheer her on.

I am reading…Well, actually I tossed it across the room because it infuriated me so. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom, also reading peacefully Knitting Lessons

I am enjoying…The experience of having an older girl around the house. Annie is 17 and besides being sweet, affable, agreeable and tolerating Harmony who has decided Annie is her personal new best friend and playmate, she is lovely to chat with.

I am hearing…The vacuüm thanks Coach! a flute somewhere playing Hot Cross Buns by Harmony (which is making me cross as it is on the 80th time tooted in a row), Order on the guitar, dogs barking.

Around the house…Uh, bikes, bike bags, bike mechanical stuff, helmets, cleats, water bottles, healthy food.

One of my favorite things… A full house of girls and bike stuff. Laughter, yoga in the kitchen.

A few plans for the rest of the week: We are going to  find a large map of Canada and pin point the locations Leah and Annie are from.  A picnic on the beach with my sis and her girls -rain or shine. Flat bread for the 3rd grade as they begin to learn about the Hebrews and their 40 year trek across the desert. Head, Heart and Hands is discussing Becoming the Parent You Want to be and enjoying the girls.

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  1. holly permalink
    February 19, 2011 4:47 pm

    I am missing my homeland of BC Canada.Knowing that it is wet cold and maybe snowing I still feel a yearning to be with the wonderful Canadian Spirit! Your lucky to have that in you home…….I rode yesterday with the rain at my heels but not on my face,made it back for the first raindrop,got my bike in my car and then it poured down.Today rode again,just before the raindrops hit my helmet….Ah to have summer again!! or a hot bath with a cup of tea.
    Hugs and best of luck Canadians…. Tammara,is Jet hiding somewhere or loving all the ladies?

  2. February 20, 2011 5:07 pm

    So the picture in this post was before I had ever pedaled one stroke on the track, I was nervous but soooo ready and I’m so, so, so glad and thankful that you guys came to the race!! Really meant a lot! True to form, we didn’t leave until 8:30ish and finally made it home and in bed by 11. Hanging with you guys makes all the racing nerves go away:)!!!

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