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February 20, 2011

And so we went to the Track.

A few things you should know.

1.The track,made of wooden boards, is steep, as in 45 degrees steep.

How can I convey the steepness of this to you.

The only flat part of the track  is called an apron, (right below that wide line on the left)  riders ride counterclockwise ( it’s all left turns Clyde).The track is like the Hot Wheel track our brothers played with, elliptical and canted in such a way that once you’ve gotten a wee bit of speed you’re propelled around, and around and around.

The center called the infield is where you can wait, warm up, and coaches hang out.

Lauren Hall

2. You ride a track bike, lighter weight, no gears, and different wheels.

3. Lycra is large. You wear a skin-suit, aka a unitard with arms and legs.

4. Track bikes have no brakes

5. The women riders we watched race yesterday were going around 30 MPH

Uhhhhh  30MPH —see #4

You don’t stop so much as slowly coast to a gentle fall-over unless you have a rail or  kind human on the apron to hold you up.

6. A world unto itself in cycling, Track, has bizarre competitions such as  Unknown Race.  Unknown as in the racers do not know what the distance will be. Rather like musical chairs for cyclist you race around until the bell rings and then ride like the devil to the finish line. No kidding. Makes one wonder how many pints were consumed that afternoon when it was developed. “Ooh chap, I know, hiccup,  let us  ride together around for a few laps and then someone can randomly choose to ring the bell and we’ll race to the end. Another lager mate?” Doesn’t it seem like a male invention?

We watched Lauren win every  event she entered. She’s fast.

Firepower. Boom. Boom.


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