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Run Children

February 23, 2011

What did you do today dear?

Oh me? I fled Egypt with 3rd grade., You?

While the current Egypt is under duress it cannot be as bad as plagues of frogs, gnats and flies, disease that kill their livestock, disease that cause boils, hailstones, locusts and days of pitch darkness, oh and the loss of the firstborn son. Hmm. I’m just say’n ( that was for Connie)

So, I love 3rd grade because I get to learn all the little nuances that my Sunday School teacher never told me. Like did you know the Egyptians gave the Israelites jewels and silver? No kidding eh?  “Moses dear, here is grandma-ma’s Mycenaean gold and ruby cabochon pendant, please do leave now.” And that the Israelites were told to take unleavened bread?  Why? why no yeast? It’s not like it’s  in a breakable little glass bottle with a Red Star label, it was a hunk of fermenting bread in a crock? why? can’t they take that with them?

Any hoo, we fled. I scared the piss and vinegar out of them.

April and I — say hello to April. Do you not just love anyone who does dishes for you.

April and I garbed ourselves in fabric and ran pell mell into 3rd grade telling the children, Run, Run Pharaoh is coming, run children run, we must flee right now.

They did run. I do believe that I would make a wonderful Fire-drill Captain.

Great big eyes looking behind them, “Who’s Pharaoh Mrs. Tanner? ”

So because Yahweh commanded it, we made unleavened bread. Lavosh.

Having eaten my fair share of  this cracker  from restaurant bread baskets, I was shocked at how easy it is. Guess it figures. You , a thousand other lost souls, a few camels, a desert, little water, some flour , it must be easy. And did I mention NOT messy? Bonus.

April and I think it would be a wonderful entertainment for little hands while mom makes dinner. We suggest a liberal smear of olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt -on the cracker, not the children.

This is me trying to get a class picture, I do believe the focus says it all.

Looks like I have Moses in there doesn’t it.   Please get on my crazy train, destination Maker’s Mark.

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