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Weighing in

April 5, 2011

Coming downstairs yesterday my kitchen was bathed in light. Usually by this time of morning my day is under full sway and I am not home. Spring Break changes all that. Oh the bliss of waking to singing birds and then not even getting out of bed until I want to. Drinking coffee slowly, feeling the sun on my face.

Last week ended with a bang. Literally. Coach was in an accident.  He thought he was fine, but Saturday the first official day of Spring Break found us in the ER. Trauma is a curious thing to the body, sneaks up on you. After a few hours, lots of tests and many “happy” additions to his IV  we came home, put him into bed.

While in the hospital Coach loopy and groggy grins up at me and shares that I am the coolest person he knows. Of course he then told the nurse she was cool too, so I’m not sure how to weigh this information. Is there a hierarchy on this, I need to know.

Sunday while Coach slept I snuck off to the flea market . A few things hitched a ride in my tote. Plans are underway for this beauty.


My rule says one out to every new one in. So just to be sure I could have lots more I made a run to the Goodwill with bags and bags.

The jars are now holding hair bands, bobby pins and  hair clips ( which breed and you find on the floor with your bare feet at night, unless of course you need one and then you can’t find one) In my rush to clean off the lids one slipped in the sink and then there were two. Hopefully I’ll find another lid, or just live wantonly lidless.

I don’t know what to do with the wee bowl, it was pink, vintage and cute. As impulse buys go this one at .99 seems harmless.

Coach  succumbed to the pitiful sad face and tearful moaning “everyone else has painted nails”. Not to shabby a job considering the medication and pain he is in. Could someone please explain why a 7-year-old has better nails than I do?

Yesterday found me on a roof top sunbathing. OK ,so just my legs were in the sun, but I exposed my children’s pale, pale flesh to spring air and pool water. Revel young ones for spring is but a passing season.

Today hopefully some wonderful adventure will ensue ,otherwise I am doing laundry and cleaning out garages. Remember those free Craig’s list pieces I put in the garage No?  Coach does. Though he says nothing, never mentions it, smiles indulgently when I skim the treacherous waters of Craig’s list  and seemly acts like he doesn’t give a lick, I know it’s all a ploy to guilt me into action. Conspiracy  theory.  Ironic no, that now after the little car is smooched I go to clear out where it’s supposed to park. Hey, guess what, that means I get to go to the Goodwill again. If anything exciting happens you’ll be the first to know.





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